Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thoughts: You're Hired!


Sam Shui Mui (Lam Miu Miu) and Mak Tai Song! A cute couple that managed to make an impression in my mind since Charray in The Drive Of Life. Of course, before that I still love Sunny, Gallen and Chi Lam's chemistry on screen together. But what differentiates Charmaine and Dayo as an on screen couple compared to the rest is the 'feel' of the chemistry and romance between them. It is no where lovey-dovey filled with tragedies, sweet kisses and cuddles etc. Which is what seperates them from the others. To put in simple words, their relationship is 'realistic'.


They don't interact as lovers much, but instead more to enemy interaction throughout the whole series! Even up to courtship and engagement! Haha.


My personal impression for this series is that it is a high quality low budget series. I think it took TVB with surprise with the ratings. TVB top-notchs and producer must've been smiling gleefully with the news. Having Dayo will at least garner acceptable levels of rating but peaking at 40 points is an achievement! Glad to say, Charmaine on the other hand can happily add another breakthrough role into her record as throughout watching the whole series, I could not associate Lam Miu Miu or more affectionately called Sham Shui Mui to Charmaine Sheh/Wing Sau Fung/Belle/Yuk Cham/Kwan Hou/Yi Shun.........I try hard to relate this character to somebody I have related to before but it proved futile as I reach episode 22 of the series. Sham Shui Mui is a new character herself. A unique new character from somewhere inside Charmaine. If this is too deep to be understood, what I meant is that this is a character that will leave people on the street addressing Charmaine as Sam Shui Mui(Miu Miu) instead of Sheh Sze Man. Which is something to be happy and celebrated to.


Besides that, one thing to take notice is the 1001 expressions of Charmaine in the series (well maybe not 1001 but you get it..). Charmaine succesfully acted out so many different expressions such as sad, happy, shy, batgwa(nosy), greedy, curious, pretentious, angry, worried.......and the most important of all, she managed to act it out HUMOROUSLY!!! It is exaggerated expression which is one requirement for sitcoms, but at the same time not 'a hated exaggeration'. It is not something easy to achieve as what happened to Myolie Wu's 'To Grow With Love'. Myolie sadly did not achieve this. Work harder Myolie...practice and experience makes perfect!


I love the scenes when Miu Miu was the debt collector. Her interaction with her 4 subordinates are hillarious. And also her everlasting nosiness and bugging Ah Song all around. Almost every scene with Song, Miu Miu and also Sheh Mo Lin (obviously a parody of Charmaine's surname) gave me the giggles. It has been a long time since I watch a series that made me laugh in every episode!


For fashionistas, Charmaine's outfit is a must to be noticed in this series. I love almost all her outfits here especially those with boots! Hehe. I'll give You're Hired a 4.5/5 where a big credit goes to its harmonious casts and acting. A cut of 0.5 marks as the plot could have been made better.

Done with You're Hired now which is so far the best series from Charmaine for the year. Beyond the Realm of Conscience is a grand production and highly anticipated series this year! Looking forward to it next and hopefully, another breakthrough for Charmaine. But through You're Hired, something to remember, Grand Series does not neccesarily be a good series! Promotion is good, but over promotion may cause a reverse-effect!

Extra notes: I have to continue with doing my assignments now..I'm back in Penang which is why I could find time to watch You're Hired hehehe..but I still have to complete 3 assignments throughout the holidays!! Gambate to me!! And Charmaine had a haircut for Heaven & Earth filming! She cut the Joey short hairstyle..LOL. That hairstyle is very 'in' now. But Joey always Joey has extensions for her concert already...kekeke. Okay, see ya!

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Anonymous said...

I find this series overall humorous. It's like the Art of War in certain episodes.

One thing to take note. Almost all the guys cry in this series. Um,this is the 1st time I see NO TEARS from Charmaine.

There are some bloopers here & there on costumes. I find that amusing. Episode 9, Miu Miu was in the cinema wearing a red t-shirt a minute later after the show ended she wore Black!!!!!!! Episode 22, Mak Tai Song was in the lift with Miu Miu, his trashy jacket was on, hailing cab... no jacket, in Mr Tong's office jacket is on again. Huh......