Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Joey Yung 'Very Busy' (很忙)Malaysia Promo

Autograph and Meet the Fans Session

Date: 11th October
Time: 3.30pm
Venue: Kepong - My Honeymoon Outlet

Note: The event will be in 2 parts. First part is open to public while Part 2 will be a private gathering for fun and games and interaction session with Joey only for 'My Honeymoon Joey Yung' contest winners.

Autograph Session

Date: 11th October
Time: 7pm
Venue: Kepong, Brem Mall

Note: This is a public mall event. All are welcome to join all activities.

Autograph Session & Meet The Fans Session

Date: 11th October
Time: 9pm
Venue: Station One Cafe, Desa Aman Puri Branch (Kepong)

Note: This event is probably similar to My Honeymoon event. Only JY6 and Station One contest winners will be able to join for a gathering with Joey.

Ivy : I've been terribly busy recently with university work that I had been MIA from here for some time....except the Cbox..LOL. Anyway, I submitted my final major assignment yesterday!!! YEAH!!! So what's left is exams and some mini assignments! Anyway, 5 more days till Joey comes! Yay!! I have no idea why this location was chosen but maybe because the Honeymoon and Station One outlets are all in Kepong that's why Brem Mall was choosen.

Please join in the fun and support Joey this weekend if you are free! And I have to admit her 'very busy' (很忙 ) song is really beautiful and sung with soooo much feelings. Many people loved it after the first play! I'll post the youtube video to the song here. Give it a try! Hehe. I really am looking forward to listen her sing this live!

I'll be there of course, for all three events. So come and spot me too if you want. HAHAHA....

P.S. Btw, is there a leak of too 'high quality' Youtube videos of Joey's Perfect Ten Concert on Sunday? Because Joey seemed kinda unhappy by posting at her Facebook that she don't need to release the DVD already lar..since its available on Youtube already...@@. Well, I guess she may be just playing a fool or joking...but probably she may feel a little upset. I haven't been free to look at news coverage for the concert yet. Will get back to that later after my lecture(which I have to rush to now!). LOL!


Mafia said...

Don't piss off your fav artists kay please? thanks =P and remember to have fun =)

babyface said...

Enjoy yourself and snap more pixs ! Too bad I'm unable to make it coz I have sudden pressing (and depressing) issues to attend to. Sighs. Anyway, if you do get a chance, try to ask if she's coming for a concert ! Thanks.