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Joey Yung Malaysia Album Promotion 2009: Part 1, My Honeymoon Kepong



Alright! I am updating at last! Well, its not that long of a delay right? Okay, anyway where should I start? Let me start from where my memory takes me then.....On Sunday afternoon I arrived at Puduraya Station to pick up a few JY fans and also to meet up with another fan because I actually have no idea where is the event venue (Kepong). LOL. Skip all the waiting part and finally I managed to load 3 more 'Digi-men' (4 including me) because we were all wearing yellow, into my car and met up with the other fan who lead us to My Honeymoon, Kepong.

Kepong is very foreign to me....and I still wonder why they would want to pick this place for Joey to come. Anyway, we finally arrived at My Honeymoon around 2.30pm and it is still early that they haven't even set up anything. Except that we could hear 'very busy' album songs playing in the shop. So we have nothing to do instead to wait...and interact with each other and wait for other fan club fans to arrive. The fact that the sun is scorching hot is not helping us at all! We were feeling as if we were being BBQ-ed waiting outside the shop. And that is when the Law of Demand works. Not long, a truck selling drinks stopped right in front of the shop and started selling drinks. Which to fans' delight, rushed to purchase some can drinks. One remark from my friend Winnie that I remember is that she said we were becoming 'Fans-fries' instead of french fries. Haha. by around 3.30pm the place was really really packed already.

Joey finally arrived at around 4.10pm and we spotted her white big van approaching the shop. Joey was sitting with her back facing the driver looking down probably at her phone. And Joey obviously did not realise that she already reached the event venue when the van was parking because she was looking down at her phone. That was when Phaik, the fan club leader shouted 'Chooo Yeee' and blew the whistle and we all called her together. Then Joey suddenly straightened up and turned around to realise she has arrived. The door of the van opened and Joey's mum came's mum looked really young and pretty. And she was wearing a very simple black t-shirt. Then some other people came down and finally Joey came down. Joey was smiling and waving at everyone and she seemed so blur with all the crowd around her and she has to squeeze through the crowd to enter the venue. Once she entered, she was lost from our vicinity. Hahaha. We don't even know where is she because the crowd was blocking. So we just waited for others to get their autograph before we line up.

One thing nice of the event is that we were allowed to sign on posters, Very Busy album and A Time For Us Album. But anyway, as if Joey would mind...LOL..because I saw many people who ended up signing Starlight, Give Love A Break and other albums etc...hahaha. I think even if you ask Joey to sign on your hand she wouldn't mind. Haha. So we fanclub members finally lined up and for this stop, I plan to sign a poster and also my 'Very Busy' album. So when finally reached my turn, I pass her the poster and album and she started signing while I took the above picture and the one below.


If you can see, her skin is soooo flawless!! Hahaha. No wonder she said that the part of her body she is most satisfied with is her skin. While signing, Joey suddenly looked up at me so I stopped taking pictures. Then unexpectedly she asked me, "Nei hai ng hai kei dou wooi hui ya? Kam yat?" (Will you be going to the others(function) too, today?) I was quite nervous that time actually...hahaha. Then I answered, 'Hai ya...wooi ya." (Yes, I will). Then she continued, "Nei hai ng hai chuen yat dou bei sai ngoh ya?" (Are you giving up your whole day today for me?) And I further answered, "hai ya...bei jor lei ge la" (Yes the day is yours). Then she smiled and nodded and said "hou la"(Alright). So she handed me back my album and poster then I told her, "yat jan gan kin la!" (see you later) and started walking away and Joey replied from my back...LOL "hou ya! jan kan kin!" (Alright, see you later!).

After walking back out to the shop and meeting back with other fans we were saying how our hands were shaking and can't take a good picture. Hahaha. And seriously, my hand was still shaking after that...LOL. And I have to say, I did not expect Joey to be sooo approachable. Its almost like talking to a friend!! Soon after, a lady ushered us to go to the upper level of the shop for a 'Meet the Fans' Session with Joey. I went up and sat at like the 3rd row then the lady told us to think of a question and ask Joey later. What!!?? Think of a question to ask her?? But nothing much to worry lar..there's so many of us...that will not really happen eventually. After waiting for another 15-20 minutes, Joey finally came up!

Joey's Entree

Joey looks silly here when we all expected her to sit on the sofa but instead she went to the back probably to check on her make-up and hair etc. LOL.

Then, the session started. And the video clip I will be posting below are parts of what we did. Which was sort of a chance for us to ask Joey questions. And also there was a Q&A game session and I answered one! Haha. The question was 'What is the title of the song that Joey sang for her mother in the album 'Very Busy'?" And I raised my hand and Joey picked me! Hahaha. So I answered in mandarin "yong yuan de ai ren" (Forever Lover). And then OMG~~ so nervous. Went up shook hands with Joey and she started smiling at me I guess she remembered me from just now Photobucket Then she passed me the bag of gifts and I thanked her. Then she shoved me over to her side for a photograph together. And this made me even more nervous as she put her hands over my shoulder and when we took photos together (as there were many cameras from reporters etc) so I could hear her teaching me by my side, "mong zhong gan, mong zhong gan"(look to the center, look to the center) while tapping my shoulders. To be honest, I don't even know how to differentiate center, left or right....too nervous already! Besides what she said in the clips below, she also answered questions such as which singer does she think is the hardest to work with...and she said she's quite afraid of the coming collaboration with Eason and said that Eason said she looks like a frog. So she retaliated by saying that to her, Eason is like a mosquito. When asked why, Joey said because frogs has those long tongues to snap on mosquitoes right? Haha... so Eason has to be careful and not underestimate me because I'm a frog and I can eat this mosquito like that (shows gesture of the long tongue snapping on a mosquito)! Hahahaha. And here is the videos I took. Another funny part was toward the ending when asked for a photoshoot with My Honeymoon crew who worked hard to make sure the event was a sucess, 3 crew members came up to take pictures with Joey. Then Joey suddenly said, "Har!? Whole shop 3 crew members only!?" Which left all the audience laughing. Hahaha.

My Honeymoon: Meet the Fans and singing McD Commercial song (acoustic)


Joey and the three crew membersPhotobucket

After that Joey left, and next stop! Kepong Brem Mall!! I shall combine function two and three in another post then. Meanwhile, enjoy some pictures I took from the first stop! And the picture with the pink tulips (Joey's favourite). When she reeived it she said "yeah that's my favourite and look at it! Waited so long for me until the tulips are all open up already!" Hahaha...silly her! She later that night took a picture of the bouquet and posted at her twitter!


I like this picture!

More photos:


Will continue in part 2~~!!!

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