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Joey Yung Malaysia Album Promotion 2009 : Part 2, Kepong Brem Mall


Alright, Part 2!! After we left from My Honeymoon, we followed on to Brem Mall which was about 10 minutes away from My Honeymoon. It was still early, so we decided to eat first because most of us haven't had any food for the whole day! But before that, a picture of the event stage!! Can't help but to take a picture of the stage because the poster at the background is just too lovely! Hahaha.....


While eating, we listened to Joey's song playing at the background. So after dinner, around 6.30pm we saw there were already many people standing around the stage and the media section for the press to sit was already quite full. I was then looking for people selling 'Very Busy' album because I need to purchase another copy for reasons I will inform later^^ So we finally spotted some people taking out boxes of albums at the right hand side of the stage so we went there to have a look. And owh...I realise they are selling a variety of Joey's albums and they even come in package! There was the Very Busy + A Time For Us album for Rm50 and also RM100 for 10 different albums(excluding ATFU and VB) I suggested that we group together and total up everything that we want to purchase and get the package deal. At first it was so complicated as to remember what albums to purchase and luckily, HYLim gave me her diary and a pen to record down everything!! Hahaha...and now thinking back, feel so bad for scribbling all over her diary!! But thanks HYLim!! So I ended up buying Very Busy, Glow and Close Up. Now thinking back, I guess I should have bought more....Hahaha..although most of the rest such as Starlight, Teresa Teng Tribute Concert and Metro Concert etc I already own one of them.

So after that, I then met up with my mum because she wanted to see Joey too. She's also a Joey fan. Haha. So I gave her my Glow and gave my brother the Close Up album so that they could go up later and get a close up look at Joey! While I took Very Busy and also ATFU for Joey to sign. After passing them the album, I went back together to the fanclub and we went in to the special section for us fanclub members to stand. And the normal thing happens, parents complaining that we blocked their kid's viewPhotobucketWell, carry your kid on your shoulders then...we already compromise by not carrying banners above our heads!

Okay so we waited and waited and waited.....until we complain our legs went numb and cramp. Haha. And then the MC informed us that Joey got stuck in traffic jam for about an hour already!!! So the MC started the event with some games with fans and giving out posters to lighten up the mood. Joey finally arrived around 8.20pm and the atmosphere turned into cheers and screams from the audience. Joey supressed her exhaustment perfectly. She still appear cheery and smiley and started greeting all the audience at the mall. Waving from front, to left, to right, to back and to top...LOL...until the MC had to stop for a full minute for her to finish greeting the audience. Joey didn't waste much time and quickly introduced her album and started singing 这就是爱吗?(Is This Love?)

Is This Love?

You can hear us singing together in this video...LOL. And sorry for the shakiness when we were singing...because I didn't realise also...Hahaha. Anyway, Joey was happy to see her fans singing together with her. After that, they went into games session. So Joey had to pick 5 fans from the audience to pay a game with her. So this is the selection process.

Joey's Selection Process

It was funny when Joey said she wants to look for Super Gorgeous guys to play with her. Hahaha. And after that, when she couldn't make up her mind she joked, "Why the standard so low only here?" Hahahaa....Joey has weird taste in guys all these while. To her, gorgeous guy is Sean Lau Ching Wan (her long time idol)....hahaha. The game required each fan on stage to give 2 wishes for Joey and Joey will then judge which wish she likes the most. I personally wasn't impressed with the fans' wishes such as hoping she get best female singer award every year etc., and Joey wasn't too impressed with their answers too. LOL. Except one where a fan wished that she has more time to rest and spend time with family. In the end, Joey didn't want to be the bad person so she said she will face the audience, and 5 of them stand beside her in a line. Whoever standing in 3 of the number she picks is the winner! LOL.

Besides playing games, Joey also talked about collaborating with JJ Lin and also about her album cover. And one of her remarks left us all laughing as she said the dress is too revealing! And she felt really uncomfortable to reveal her two 'flesh' at the back and she even do the gestures with her hand to indicate her bottom. LOL. When she was asked if the next time she comes to Malaysia will she wear that dress?? Joey said that she don't think people would want to see her dress that way and Malaysia has its regulations so the authorities would prefer her to dress more decently, which is a safer option (Oh famous is Malaysia with this issuePhotobucket) Joey also promoted her song 'Wu Zei' and adviced people not to smoke and how she dislikes smoke. She then sang another song, which I had been dying to hear her sing, Very Busy '很忙'.

Very Busy

I always admire Joey's passion in singing and putting all her heart and soul into each and every performance she does. Just like this simple shopping mall promotion, when she sang 'Very Busy', once the music starts, you can see her closing her eyes and putting all emotion into the song once the music starts playing. She put so much feelings into singing the song that throughout the song, the whole place was silent admiring her singing. Only when she ended the song that everyone started clapping and cheering. Joey then said, "thank you for putting so much attention and heart into listening to the song" as a feedback to the silent crowd while she sang. LOL. Don't worry Joey, we really enjoyed the song and your vocals so much for the reason to being so silent. If only the PA system of the mall had been better. The performance would have been much much greater


Joey then had photos taken with the organisers from Brem Mall and received a giant Brem Mall Bear from them. Haha. And after that, Joey took a big group photo and this is the first time I see an artiste so silly when taking group photo. Usually an artiste will just squat down, do the peace sign and ask her fans to raise the boards etc. But instead, Joey started doing funny pose such as posing as if she is singing very loudly with the mic(she even produced that aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...sound while she pose)......These pictures explain what I meant(and I just spotted myself in the picture)!!



After that, time for Photobucketagain!!! Again we lined up after all the others. This time, I'm signing ATFU and another copy of VB which I bought earlier. Before my turn, was Helen, another friend from FC signing. And she told Joey her camera has flash and when Joey heard that, she posed for Helen's camera and then very cutely squeezed her eyes tightly shut!!! Hahaha. Then Helen said, 'Mou gam la..." (don't do that) Then Joey laughed and posed nicely for her with her eyes wide open. Haha. Then after that I came over and told Joey my name is Ivy. Then Joey looked and me and asked me again as she didn't hear it clearly, so I said, "Ivy." And she went..."Oh Ivy!" Then she wanted to write on an album but that album was not mine!! So we stopped her in time! Hahaha. Then after that she wrote my name for me and then helped me signed. Then I passed her my VB album and she signed on it while I asked her, "Cho Yee, ho ng ho yi se di ye bei ngo ah?" (Joey can you write something for me?) Then she nodded and said, "yiu se me ah?" (what do you want me to write?) And I told her, "Happy Birthday!" And then she listened and gave a little, "har?" reaction. LOL. I think she didn't expect me to ask her to write that. LOL. Then I told her, "Happy Birthday....hai yiu sung bei pang yau ge." (Happy Birthday...I'm giving this as a present for my friend). Then Joey smiled and nodded and wrote for me "HAPPY B-DAY" on the album! So I thank her and walked away then suddenly I heard her shouting more words to I turned around looking confused and she said it again. But then, Okay...I have totally no idea what was she telling me!!! Hahahaa. Its either I am half deaf from being too nervous or her cantonese is too deep...the sentence she used made no sense to me!! LOL. Just proves how bad my cantonese is. So anyway I just gave her a smile and left. I hope she wasn't asking me a question and hope I didn't just looked like I ignored her!!Photobucket

So anyway, after that we hung around below stage and waited until Joey finish signing and left before we head off to the next stop, which IMO, is the most horrifying stop of the three....which you will find out why very soon......

Anyway, if you are interested to have a look at the Happy Bday album Joey signed and also the subplot of how cheeky Ivy tricked and surprised my friend with the present......hahahaa then visit her blog

Alright, stay tuned for part 3 which will be filled with lots of tension, fear and some stuff soon.....HEHEHE....

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