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Joey Yung Malaysia Album Promo 2009: Part 3, Station One Cafe



More Autographs~~~Photobucket

Part 3 and Yeah! Final part. LOL. Well I didn't update yesterday because I got a presentation to prepare for. Anyway, here is it!

Where did I stop? Oh yea, Brem Mall. So from Brem Mall, I have totally no idea how to go to Station One Desa Aman Puri Branch. Why? Google map does not have it on the map. The GPS does not have such a place existing on its system. And I have no idea of the surrounding area and roads of Kepong. So we all planned to follow each other's car.



So from the carpark we followed each other's cars and unfortunately, I missed a turn of the carpark exit!!Photobucket So then Winnie called PS which is leading the way and told her to wait awhile as we will need time to make a round. So okay, once we reach back the exit, we didn't see any cars!! So I took the turn towards the main road as my instinct told me most likely we have to use the main road to get there. Then Winnie called PS and ask where were they?? And to my horror, PS thought that our car was already following them so they carried on!!....PhotobucketThen there was a CIMB bank on my left so I stopped in front of it and Winnie asked PS if she passed a CIMB bank earlier?? And she said now we thought we went the wrong way. So after some calculations and stuff, we thought we took the wrong turning earlier. So okay, drove out to the main road again and made a big U-turn back to Brem Mall and took the other turning that we thought PS mentioned.

So into that turning, it felt weird at first. Because it wasn't a main road! It was a housing area! Then Winnie called her friend who lives in Kepong area and he said that that's not the right way. So again, I stopped by the roadside while Winnie tried to get directions to the place (Winnie is exasperated now). While Hilda was trying hard to remember Winnie's directions and Becky being quiet probably because she's afraid....hahaha. (You guys can defend yourself if you don't feel so). So right, another U-turn made. And then Winnie's friend told us the CIMB road was actualy correct. Oh what a waste of time!!!

So I drove along that road again and passed CIMB. And we were supposed to go pass Carrefour Kepong. So we drove on and on and can you imagine the sigh of relieve when we saw Carrefour? Because this at least proved that we were taking the first step correctly. So we drove on, with me bombarded with countless instructions from Winnie. LOL. Then next we were supposed to see Mcdonald's. And Yeah!!Photobucket We saw that too! So we drove on following her friend's instructions on the phone. At a cross junction, we were supposed to take the left junction. So I did as told. Then we drove passed a car selling place. And drove on and again, we felt something was wrong. Because again, it looked like a housing estate and also it was dark. And there was a big signboard with the word 'RAWANG'. WHAT!??Photobucket RAWANG??? So we thought that its not right. And Winnie's friend also sort of indicated that we went the wrong way. So again, another U-Turn!!!

So I continue driving and Winnie's passed me her phone so I can talk to her friend. But talking while driving and also added my poor chinese vocabulary, I don't really get what her friend was saying. As what he described didn't tally with where we were! Then I gave my phone back to Winnie because I guess the phone got disconnected. Then I spotted an emergency stop beside the highway so I stopped there. While we were stopping, it was already around 10.15pm. I think Joey reached already. Hahaa. Seriously, I will feel really bad if I couldn't get these friends to see Joey at the last function! So I SMS-ed a friend of mine who was already there. Which is btw, a fellow blog visitor of mine^^ I asked her for the exact address of Station One Cafe and told her I got lost....And thanks for sending me the address FanJ! So I asked Hilda to help me key in the address and search for it using the GPS while Winnie's friend again taught the way.

And after listening to what she said, it seems that actually the RAWANG sign place was correct!!! So I drove on and we were supposed to U-turn AGAIN back there!!! We were worried that there will not be a U-turn nearby as its a highway!! I was praying there was no toll! Because once you see a toll means We're FINISHED! Hahaha. But luckily, there was a U-turn. After that, Winnie was not too sure of her friend's directions!! So I decided to stop at a Caltex station. Then I retried the input on the GPS. And there was a road nearby as what FanJ gave so I take that risk and assume it is the right one. So off we go again~~

And what should I say??? We ended up at the RAWANG sign again!! From there we turned left and moved on....and WTH!!!!! Sorry, can't restrain from shouting out..hahaha...we saw Station One. And they did this big function with many people around actually. You may think this is a good thing at first, but actually we were quite puzzled....I thought Station One was supposed to be a smaller private gathering actually. So BTW, found a parking lot and off the car we went! Phew~~~How relieved I felt. LOL.


Tenth Anniversary Cake~~Photobucket


At the function, there were soooo many people that I don't even know if Joey was there or not??? And people were scattered!! Which I have no idea why!? That time, I just went to where the others were standing and was kind of blur. Hahaha. And I observed around and realise there were many tables below the main stage and people sitting as if a wedding dinner or feast was going on. And there were people who were drinking buckets of beer. Which in my honest opinion should not have happened when a function like this was going on. I advise Station One to not take this risk of serving beer during a night function like this. First, they are already exploiting by making business through this function and now they are taking this risk of having drunkards during a function like this. They should consider the artiste's safety and also safety of fans(mostly underage) who are there for the function and be more socially responsible. If they were to serve alcohol, they should use the inner section for people who are not there for the function but just to grab a meal and a couple of drinks. Instead of having them sitting on tables at the fans area. Although Station One may only be the venue sponsorer and not the event organiser as a whole, but they should also take care of their image and not take such risks as people judge the event as a whole and leaving a bad impression on customer's mind is not what any party wish for to happen.

Anyway, back to Chocho...Finally, I spotted Joey. She was actually at another area of Station One doing a short Q&A session with fans who won the competition. Again, the event area was outdoor, so what's the point of Station One organising the competition at the first place when anyone can have access to it? What a way of exploitation! Not to mention the chaotic scene at that area as people weren't sure of where they were supposed to be.


Making a wish and the two fans her fans gave her~~ Joey was animatedly playing with it during the function. Haha. She later thanked the fans at her Twitter update.

So Joey then went over and again started Photobucket . I actually pity Joey...she must've been really blur as to what was happening, in addition to feeling exhausted. Hahaha. So then we went up to get autographs. I took out my last album to let Joey sign, "Lonely Portrait". And to my horror, the woman guarding the stage didn't want to let me get it signed!! What!!??? She said Joey only will sign new albums....Yeah Right....Luckily, earlier at Brem Mall, Joey signed the inner layer of my ATFU. So I took out my ATFU and showed it to that woman. And she looked at first she didn't believe its a new album...and I went..what!!??? Its new Okay? Then only she let me pass...Up stage, I passed my album to Joey (both) and she signed both. And Joey saw its me again and started talking...hahaha..this is kinda fun...because I realise I didn't have to talk at all and instead she kept initiating the conversation. Joey asked me, "Nei Chim Sai mei ya?? Di Cheung Pin?? Chim ng Chim dak sai ya?"(Have I signed all your albums for you? Did you managed to get all signed?) Then I answered her, "Chim Sai lor! Ng Goi Sai!"(Signed all! Thank You!)

After that we went down and waited for everyone to finish signing. Then went back up stage to present Joey with some gifts! For this, the video will explain everything!

Gifts From Fans

I was creeping behind first I was afraid my camera will swipe her back....LOL. Because I used my Sony camera which lousily couldn't zoom in or out once the video starts. And Joey was very much a sport and very interactive and scrutinizing which left a very good impression and enhanced her Down To Earth personality!

After that, we took a group photo.... Photobucketwhich I have no idea where they are as I can't remember if any of us took besides the reporters. After that, Joey left and said goodbye to us!! And we all actually planned to have a drink at Station One and consume the cake. But then I received a call from my mum telling me that my brother forgot to take his set of keys so I had to go home and get the door open for them because they were stuck outside the house. Too bad can't have that drink with the other fans..But I believe we will have many more chances in the future!!


My sin for having contributed to the pain on her wrist~~

Anyway, in conclusion, it was a very enjoyable, entertaining, some parts frightening experience! The joy from these events are not solely placed on the ableness to see Joey (although she is the reason that brought us together) but also the interaction we had among fans and time spent with lots of laughter and fun. Looking forward to another event like this again and this time, I will make sure I don't get lost!! HAHAHAHA~~~ I stick on with my remarks, Joey Yung is very Down To Earth and something new I learned, she is also very approachable and puts much interest in her fans.

Hope you enjoyed the 3 parts of the posts!! Its been some time since I wrote so much I guess. And hope my star-chasing skills is not too rusty...hahaha. I'm getting old thanks to those who grew up with me!

Thank You Joey for the Sweet Memories!


"A picture of Joey Yung with Editor-In-Chief, author, photographer, Person-In-Charge, Owner.........of Joey Yung Malaysia Promo 2009 write-up!" (I know, I'm such a self-praising freak...haha anyway just for laughs~! Still waiting for the picture that we both are looking at the camera though!)

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