Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beyond The Realm of Conscience: Finally Here!!

Yeah!!! Beyond The Realm Of Conscience is finally airing tomorrow, 19th October 2009 at 8:30pm!!! The series that I am looking forward to for the year! I hope it will receive good ratings and also hopefully it will not disappoint!! Besides looking forward to Charmaine, Tavia, Michelle and Susanna's character, I am actually quite looking forward to Wai Ying Hung's character because I quite like her in Rosy Business as Pit Ching's (Ron Ng) timid mother.

I honestly feel outdated with TVB series this year. LOL. I only picked on which series to watch based on their ratings, and casts (I'll probably run a marathon during my holidays anyway). Haha. But I'm so not gonna miss this! But sadly, for now I can't watch this yet! Because of exams!! I'm actually stealing some time after dinner to update my blog on this before I have to go back to studying!

Anyway, can't wait for my exams to end and enjoy the long holidays and watching Beyond~! To those lucky people who are going to watch this simultaneously with Hong Kong, ENJOY~!

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