Monday, October 26, 2009

Joey Yung: 雙冠軍, *Added 給自己的信 & Julian Cheung, Myolie Wu: 一刀了斷


This song just had its virgin airing on CRHK tonight (about an hour ago)!!! Joey Yung's latest product!! Double Champion, 雙冠軍. Here is the DJ version download link! Enjoy!! I LOVE THE SONG!!! Love how the song develops from its opening to its chorus! Joey will be releasing another song which is a duet with Sherman Chung later this week. It will be a modified version of Sherman's number 1 chart song, Letter to Myself. Looking forward to it!!

Joey Yung : Double Champion 雙冠軍(*NEW MOOV version)

Download (MF/4S): /

**29-10-2009 Newly Added

Joey Yung & Sherman Chung duet version Letter to myself (給自己的信) *MOOV Version

I feel that the song is a great song!! But then putting Joey and Sherman's voice together made Sherman's voice sounds vocally not as smooth as Joey's voice. The song could do better with further brush up and harmony. Great lyrics and melody, nevertheless! Good improvisation by adding the monologue in between! Quite true, we should sit down one day quietly and write a letter to ourself and discover what is lying deep down in our hearts!! Waiting for the CD version~~!!

Edited** Download MOOV version: /


Sherman Chung Original solo version 給自己的信

Download :

Added* Angela Aki Japanese Original Version - Tegami (Letter)


Download :


Another song to introduce is Chi Lam & Myolie Wu's new song Once And For All, 一刀了斷 !!! I love this new song too!! And very happy Chi Lam is back again in the music industry!!! Miss his voice!!! Looking forward to his album and also Joey's new EP!! Yeah!

Julian Cheung, Myolie Wu: 一刀了斷


Ivy: I have to go back to study mode~~!!! My exam is on this coming Thursay!! Wish me luck guys/gals!!!

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Pauline said...

Thank you for all these songs, they're such good quality, espeially the one from Janice!