Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Astro On Demand Promotion Event 2009

More star gazing opportunities this weekend for enthusiasts!!Photobucket



Promotion 1

Date: 7th November 2009

Venue: Summit USJ

Time: 6pm-7pm

Promotion 2

Date: 8th November 2009

Venue: East Coast Mall, Kuantan

Time: 3pm-4pm

Ivy: RANT! RANT! RANT!PhotobucketPhotobucket That's what I did when I knew about this. You see, I have an exam on the 6th of November, afternoon (which will also be their arrival date^^ this is a hidden tip for those planning on going to some off-road adventure) And I have another exam on 9th of November, morning (another tip^^)!!!!! How could this misfortune fall upon me!!??? WHY?WHY?WHY!!!?? My Sharon Chan, dearest Sharon Chan!!!!Photobucket Have I ever mentioned that I have a certain degree of fondness for Sharon??? Hehehehe.....Okay, back to the event. I am very fortunate though that Charmaine and Tavia were not included in this promotion because if so, I will stab myself..........PhotobucketPhotobucket !!!!!!!!!!! Well, I meant that literally...of course won't kill myself because of that lar~chi sin meh!!?? Hahaha. Which reminded me of something I just read for my communication studies on fandom:

"The language of fans, like that of other enthusiasts, is exaggerated for comic effect as they speak of 'addictions', 'infections' and 'seductions', descriptions accepted gleefully by the other members of the group." - Henry Jenkins, 1992.

Yeah, so did you laughed at my remarks earlier? If you did, that means you are a fan of TVB too!!! So now you have a rough idea of what I'm studying my brains off in university??? LOL...I'm actually studying and doing an analysis on people like 'myself'....Back to study mode now. Hope most of you will not fall into my category for this event!! For those who could attend, do snap more picturesPhotobucket!!!

P.S I may sneak out for an hour to see this cum dinner....well I have to eat right????Photobucket


sara said...

Hey haha fandom...

Anonymous said...

Haha, Ivy just go. Chill yourself there. After all it's not that far from your house and mine. Neighbour.

You need a break.