Saturday, November 7, 2009

Snail Long Wait, Lightning Fast Chase.........


Before my exams, I switched off my mobile phone because that is a requirement during examinations. After the exam, I switched it back on and I realise that the phone is searching for I just leave it like that until I got back home around 6pm. So I came back home and first thing, went online to wait for the 4 TVB artistes, Joe Ma, Sharon Chan, Susan Tse and Kevin Cheng's interview on Myfm. While waiting, I looked back at my phone and realised that it is still searching for network!!! So I restarted my phone and after it got back the Maxis line, 3 SMS ringtone came in...Hahahaa....first one from my dad, second from a friend and 3rd one from Wai Wai.........Wai Wai??? When I saw the SMS I was wondering why Wai Wai would SMS I read it and oooh...Wai Wai was asking me if I would be interested to see the four artiste at the hotel today after my exam? And then I replied her and she said she's at the hotel already. So I was contemplating and considering the fact that I just completed one exam paper today, I don't really feel like doing any studies off I go meeting Wai Wai...Photobucket Oh but before that, packing some pictures of Sharon, Kevin, Joe and Susan and also 'star chasing' gear, camera+the golden pen...hahaha.

I reach the hotel around 8.15pm and so met up with Wai Wai and some other people which hmm...I didn't get their names..although we spent alot of time laughing and chatting mainly doing sinister jokes on TVB artistes. This one, Wai Wai has to do the part to let me know their names la~~ Hahaha....

So we waited....with a few false alarm as usual....hahaha...and they finally came at around 11.30pm.....which means I waited for about 3 hours....nothing compared to Wai Wai I guess...Photobucket

Once we knew they arrived, as usual, total chaos......the first person I spotted was Susan Tse...I was walking approaching her when suddenly I see Sharon right in front of me!! Wai Wai was targetting Susan Tse so I passed her a photo of Susan for her to help me get an autograph while I went to Sharon instead. And Sharon was just very quiet being surrounded by the security guards and her PA. Which really pissed me off! They were pushing and pushing Sharon forward and I keep hearing her PA saying, "Man Chi hou gooi ge lar...."(Man Chi is tired already) and the security guards go.."em ho yi ying siong...."(no pictures) but when people rush up to take pictures with Sharon then they say, "yat jiong ge ja" (only one). I personally feel helpless that time...LOL...because things happen so fast, I cant find the chance to take a picture with Sharon. Although some fans succesfully did and Sharon did acknowledge by stopping to take with them..only to be continuously dragged forward by her PA. Her PA kept on calling her and directing her, "Man Chi, li pin li pin" (Sharon, here, here). From Sharon's expression, I can only see blurness...hahaha...I somehow wished that Sharon will speak out and stop the guards and tell them its okay to pause for a picture like what some other artiste I know did. Anyway, at that time I was thinking should I continue to follow Sharon or walk back to Susan/Kevin/Joe which I assume was at the back?? But I insist that I came here for Sharon so charge forward!! Hahaha...

At this point of time, I give up with photo and just move forward infront of Sharon which made me ended up taking photo for some other people....WHAT!?...Haihz...but anyhow, I managed to pass the 'golden pen' to Sharon and a picture. Sharon took it and walked on while she signed....she walked on and on while signing(which is actually quite a long time) because I was left far behind. After she finished signing, she turned back around looking for me and I went forward and get it back. Not even a chance to thank her personally as the guards push her forward, but anyhow, Thanks Sharon! That's the least that I can do...LOL.

Then, I turn around and saw Susan approaching my side. So I just walked up to her and asked her can I take a photograph with you? Then the two security guards escorting her again answered on her behalf......."mou dak ying xiong, ting yat, ting yat" (no pictures, do that tomorrow)...And I look at Susan and she helplessly said, "ting yat lar hou em hou?"...Well, I hate forcing. So be it. I know tomorrow will be impossible for me, so I just acknowledge, "hou la" (OK). And at that time, Susan saw me holding a pen and some pictures...I think she expects me to get an autograph from her! But I passed my picture to Wai Wai earlier so nothing to sign... and I feel so bad for not handing out anything to her...Haahaha. Anyhow, took a lousy picture of her walking down to her suite.


She does look very pretty for her age. Although her facial expression does scare me at times...hahaha...must be influenced by the 'Dai Nai Nai' character in Rosy Business...HAAHAA...After that, things became calm around the area...and I was like...what about Joe and Kevin? Haven't arrived? And the rest of the people were like? They were the first to come in...WHAT!?? I didn't even spotted any of them...hahahaha. Similarly, Wai Wai didn't even spotted Sharon throughout the whole period while I instead only spotted Sharon for most of the time...this proves that you should only pick one target and follow it at events like these....HAHAHAHA...So end of today, what I got are:


I feel the way Susan Tse signs is kinda interesting(no wonder she takes such a long time to sign)....drawing characters and even writing 'Dai Nai Nai'.....HAHAHA...Anyhow, although no pictures, but at least I fulfilled my cravings to meet Sharon!! Thanks a lot to Wai Wai for letting me know!!! Now, focus back to fighting for my last exam final paper!!! YEAH!! ADD OIL to myself~~!!

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Wah!!!!!!! See if you really want that thing always remember Anything Is Possible!!!!!!!!