Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Time For Us- 花城 (English Traslation)

I was reading the lyrics of Track 6(花城) for A Time For Us and I feel the lyrics are beautiful. The melody and the lyrics just blends so well. And Joey also sang out the 'feel' of the song impressively. So I decided to translate the lyrics into English so more people who usually listen to cantonese songs without understanding the lyrics could understand the song better!

I used to listen to songs by their melody only too. And recently I start to listen to the lyrics too. And it really is different to listen to a song by enjoying the melody + lyrics + singer's voice. Try it out! Hehe.

Translations :

Album : A Time For Us
Title : 花城 (Flower City, track 6)
Composer : Kenix Cheang @ Private Zoo
Lyricist : Kenix Cheang @ Private Zoo
Producer : 舒文 @ Zoo Music
Singer : Joey Yung

The month is lacking, The Fog is gone,
How worrying.

After the rainstorm, the setting sun resembles the start of summer.

Don't speak,
From the lips the flower blossoms,
The feeling is like silently being stimulated,
You asked me to be in love day and night without control,
You told me also to let go of any self constrain.

Occasionally, seeing through the mirror of dreams of the flower language,
But still,
Trying to look for someone,
Feeling that it will be easier to be happy.


I've never cherished the promise of our love story in the next life,
But yet knowing that midnight in the city is coming closer, the more I'm reluctant to leave
I want to guess through his unpenetratable thoughts,
Then take advantage of this one cycle of fiery breathe yet not expose this story,
Let me feel this scent of being present, being far, being close, being lost in this city,
And I almost went out of control, indulging under this light, not wanting to stop*

Don't speak,
Just watch calmly,
Don't have to be surprised.

Acid rain could turn honey sour,
The night is lowering,
From the soft tip of the brow, gazing, hoping for a twinkle in the eye,
Gathering the clouds,
And asking me for this joy again.


The month is lacking,
Don't speak,
No words,
Then just love.

My Point-of-view : Flower city here resembles the flirtatious urban city(fa sam). Haha. See the song in that point of view and you should be able to get the gist of it.

On a side-note, I personally feel that throughout end of last year and this year, a few albums are quite great! Like,

1) A Time For Us - Joey Yung
2) H3M - Eason Chan
3) Lonely Me - Charlene Choi
4) The Red Album - Stephy Tang

These are the albums that I could actually like almost every single track in the album. Kay's Yelling was not as good as Binary last year. So my recommendations of albums that you should listen are the four albums above!!

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