Saturday, May 2, 2009

Charmaine's Blog Entry : 2nd May 2009

Moody - Laughter is The Best Medicine

When I first entered the industry, my acting skills were not positively accepted. Although my company and directors kept on giving me chances, but when dealing with negative news, no one could help me. If I already chose to be in the entertainment industry, then I have to overcome this. Through a long time of training, learning from mistakes, I finally achieved great improvement and change. I'm very happy that I did not give up at that time.

Focus of encouragement,
Cancer Children
Laughter Is The Best Medicine

There is no omen to cancer. No one can predict when they will fall sick. Therefore, even if sickness fall upon us, We have to stay Positive. Because, even after chemotheraphy, cancer may still return. Worrying will increase the possibility of a reoccurence. Therefore, once again, my words of encouragement and support to all of you. Stay cheerful, Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

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Ivy : Felt like ages since I've done a translation of Charmaine's Blog. Because she rarely updates recently. Being too busy with filming. Anyway, Yeah! She updated at last today! And I did not forget Charmaine, kay! Hahaha. Glad to see an update from her. Its nice of her to give words of encouragement to the kids with cancer. She's right that we won't know when disease will strike us. So we should cherish every moment we have in life and try to fulfill every moment we can with happiness. Sometimes when I get upset or down with something, I'll compare what I'm facing now with what other less fortunate people faces, for eg. kids with cancer. Then I'll realise that my problem is not a big problem afterall and feel much better. Try that to! Or find something nice to do, watch a comedy, listen to music! Or when I get really stressed up, I'll just take a short nap to just stop thinking and let my brains rest! Then when I wake up, I'll find it easier to find solutions to problems.

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