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Charmaine's Blog Entry; 23rd May 2009

Note: As this is a very long post and reveals plots of the series, I will translate the overall meaning of it to avoid over exposure. Please excuse me for any mistakes. Thank You.

[Beyond The Realm of Conscience] Hardships of a Palace Maid

After [War & Beauty], the series I am currently filming [Beyond The Realm of Conscience] also revolves around palace rivalry. Besides Moses Chan who also filmed [War & Beauty], [Beyond] also stars the very good actress Michelle Yim and Sussana Kwan. And also Tavia Yeung (go to her blog and see) first time acting as a villain. Because my character and Tavia's character started out as palace maids, so before getting in power, we have to first suffer hardship. Charmaine Sheh splashed with water, being a palace maid sure isn't easy.



It's Hard Being a Palace Maid

There are also rivalry between palace maids. My character insulted other palace maids so I got splashed with water.

Different Personalities

Sam Ho(played by me) and Gam Ling (played by Tavia) grew up together in the palace. Sam Ho is very obedient and follows the rules while Gam Ling is very ambitious, both have very different personalities.


Sisters Rivalry

(this part is kinda historic. Trying my best to translate)In the palace there are different positions, Si Jai (Head of tailoring), Si Jan (Head of food), Si Sin (Head of food), and Si Chit (Head of general affairs). Michelle Yim's character Jung Suet Ha is a Si Jai. Susanna's character Yuen Chui Wan is a Si Jan. Both of them were close as sisters at first, but because of fight of power, they both turned into enemies.


Arrival of Empress Dowager

After filming [巾幗梟雄], Suet Sam Jie films for TVB again. In [Beyond] she acts as out empress dowager.


Chess Master

Kevin Cheng acts as a chess master, Go Hin. Because of his capabilities, he was promoted into the general. Go Hin has feelings for Sam Ho (played by me). But because Sam Ho is a palace maid, she is forbidden from having a relationship, thus creating a love affair.


Different from before

[Beyond] and [War & Beauty], though revolving around palace rivalries, the differrence is I am not potraying a cunning concubine this time. Instead I portray a very obedient palace maid. Since small in the palace, my mother had always taught me to speak nicely, do good and have a kind heart. So I followed her advice, being a very good palace maid. On the other hand, Tavia's character will do anything to become a concubine even doing tricks behind. I personally have high hopes for this series. Because this series is very addictive. The first day after I got the script, I already read ten episodes of it. Hopefully when the series airs, it will be able to attract more viewers.

(I wil not translate this part) Series Overview :

故事發生在唐朝晚期,憲宗駕崩,郭貴妃擁立其子李宥為帝,是為穆宗。劉三好父親因爲支持憲宗二子李惲爲帝,被穆宗秋後算帳,充軍塞外,其妻、幼女三好(我 飾演)及婢女姚金鈴(楊怡 飾演)被逼入宮爲奴。三好被編入由掌刺繡,由鐘雪霞(米雪 飾演)管理的司制,而金鈐則編入掌首飾,由阮翠雲(關菊英 飾演)管理的司珍。
廿年後,三好兒時好友、穆宗十三弟李怡(陳豪 飾演)被擁立爲王,稱宣宗,金鈴藉三好與宣宗友好關係,加以親近,最終如願封爲麗妃,當上妃子後,金鈐用盡心計對付與她為敵的人,當中包括不恥其所為,與之關係決裂的三好。三好一方面應付昔日姐妹相逼,另一邊厢,感情上則徘回在宣宗及棋博士高顯揚(鄭嘉穎 飾演)之間。

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Ivy : Great to see another update by Charmaine. From the post, I can see that Tavia and her are getting along well and also I can see that she really loves the storyline of the series and have high expectations from it. Honestly, I am trying to not read and know more about this series......HAHAHA...don't get shocked yet...its not that I don't like it. Its because I'm so anticipating it(its my most anticipated series of the year), I do not want any spoilers and just want to truly, fully enjoy it with as little prior knowledge of the plot as possible. So I should post a very big NO SPOILERS note here when the series airing date is about to come. Hahaha.

By the way, DO DO DO visit Charmaine's Blog to increase her hits!! I saw Stephen Chan ahead of her by one position..... O.o.... Stephen Chan the TVB GM. What is he even doing having a blog competing with artistes!!!???? HAHAHA...alright bedtime....enjoy the updates!!!

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