Sunday, May 24, 2009

Raymond Lam : [Endless Love] 2009

Look sooo hot in this picture!!! Hahaha. Yeah Raymond is going to have his first concert at HK Colliseum on 17th and 18th June. First of all, Congratulations to him! Secondly, enjoy the themesong of the concert 'Let's Get Wet' and also some clips of advice and comments from his 'big sisters'(who happen to be my other favourites).

From Joey to Raymond

From Vincy to Raymond

I kinda like the themesong. Although I expected it to be more of a fast song but it turned out to be a slow kinda more to a movie themesong style. But can't deny it looks cool. Haha. So, here's the mp3 download link (most probably MV ripped) thanks to

Download : Sendspace

IMO, I'm surprised that EEG planned a HK Colliseum concert for him so soon. Well, can't deny that he has a huge fanbase from TV and also singing. Most of his fans are from TV fans anyway. I hope that the concert will be good. And it is a little worrying as he only has about a month or so to prepare for concert which is not too good. Usually singers prepare for a concert about half a year earlier. Its really hard to juggle between filming TV series and also singing. I agree with Joey's remarks. She's hinting to Raymond to start learning how to juggle his time and setting up his priorities. You seriously can't do all these at once because it will get too stressful and hurts your body which is what we wouldn't want to happen to Ray.

Sooo...all the best Raymond!! And YES, enjoy yourself and treasure every moment of the concert. HAHAHA...and I'll also count how many 3/4 pants he'll wear during the concert. And also maybe count how many different types of hats he'll wear. Hahaha.

Looking forward to his concert and hopefully it will be a great show and leave the audience wet!! Hahaha.

P.S I think there will be a Raymond event in Malaysia before the concert. Jessie please fill me up! Thanks! I'm totally outdated after assignments!

As much as I know,


Bernice Liu Nutox Birdnest Collagen Promotion

30th May 2009 - One Utama, Kuala Lumpur
1pm - Studio V, Rainforest

2-3pm - LG Floor, New Wing

Jolin Tsai Album Promo

(5th June 2009) @1Borneo, 7.30pm

(6th June 2009) @Times Square,KL, main entrance, 7pm

Raymond Lam & Linda Chung Bio-Essence Tanaka White Promotion

(7th June 2009) @ One Utama, Old Wing, 2-4pm

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