Monday, November 15, 2010

14th November 2010: Jessica Hsuan Bizzy Body Ambassador Search Event


Wow sorry for the delays in updating this post!! I've been so busy recently and going to be busy until the end of the year actually. I've just came back to Penang from Hong Kong and Taipei only today (1st December) and feeling really tired from all the travelling and also watching Joey Yung's concert! It was an awesome concert by the way, well leave the concert to another post later on. Hahaha...

As for this event, since its so long ago, so I'll update as much as I can remember. LOLS. The event was actually a slimming challenge contest and so at first, I was standing by the side watching until me and my cousin eventually decided to go and sit at the seats which were actually meant for media. However, since we saw many normal audiences sitting there, so we decided to sit there too. After awhile sitting, suddenly we both saw Jessica walked pass and sat infront of us! We didn't even realise she was just right in front! first impression of Jessica!! She's so skinny in person!

Then so I went forward and took some pictures and Jessica must've thought that I was from the media so she looked into my camera for me to take some pictures. Here's one picture where she looked right into my camera!

So after that, the slimming challenge continued and Jessica finally went up stage after awhile. The event was actually done in English and the organisers actually hired a cantonese speaking MC specially for Jessica's part...but come on, Jessica doesn't need one lar!! LOL...her English is many times better than many of the Malaysians around. Not to mention, her British accent. So here's a video for you guys to listen to Jessica's English.

During the interview, there are some details that I admire Jessica for. In my previous post on Linda Chung, I mentioned that Linda didn't do enough homework on the product that she was endorsing before coming for an event. However, Jessica was the exact opposite. Her preparation deserves to be mentioned. Jessica could actually name the treatment she received or provided by Bizzy Body and the name of the treatment is not something easy such as face firming treatment etc but something like microfiliating detoxifying treatment bla bla etc..... Jessica could name the treatment and even describe the procedures during the interview! That shows how prepared she is for the event and what a responsible spokesperson should do. Besides that, as shown in the following video, Jessica mentioned that she has a funny hobby of loving to wash weird! I guess we could all bring our cars over to Jessica for washing! LOL

After the interview, Jessica got back to her seat and again I was sitted right behind her. And when I say right behind I really mean the next seat right behind her. My face was like 5 inches away from her hair...LOL!!! While she was sitting down there, I wanted to ask her if I could take a picture with her. And to do that, I would have to tap on her shoulders or to call out her name and ask for it. Jessica was watching the fashion show performed by the contestants at that time and I felt that it will really be awkward if I were to interupt her..not to mention rude too. So, in the end, I didn't approach her. I only watched from behind. LOLS. I kinda regret afterwards, but well, it really is inappropriate to interupt her halfway and also I'm afraid it'll attract more people to bother her by asking for a photograph.

After that, Jessica went up stage again to present the prizes to the winning contestants. Jessica may look plump in the pictures but in real life, she's really skinny!!!! Its just that she's not photogenic enough, thus, she looks plump in pictures. Similarly, Benice Liu faces the same problem too. After the event ended, Jessica's fans rushed over down stage and started asking for autographs etc and Jessica fulfilled a few of them while waving to her manager for help as the crowd became bigger. LOLS. She then left while being escorted to the lift by guards for a press conference.

My thoughts on Jessica is that she's really bubbly. She laughs a lot. While not considered being on the extremely friendly and down to earth artiste side, she's considered as quite a likable artiste. She seems to be really straight forward and more Westernised. Well, which may explain why she has a Western boyfriend. Haha. Well, I'll not write any longer as I'm starting to doze off..hahaha. So, enjoy the photographs!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.
Hope for more pics!

mabislove said...

Wow. She looks plump. :/

jiulin said...

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