Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #1

Here are some clips of Carmaine that I feel is worth the time to watch. Some may not be new clips but the contents is worth watching. Charmaine sang a duet with Kevin for the countdown last night. Clips on that coming soon...

Maiden's Vow Filming

This clip shows just how hard it is for Charmaine to film Maiden's Vow. Listen to what Samuel said. You could see Charmaine is very tired when interviewed in the clip above and her voice is a little hoarse too. Ah Sheh really deserved the Best Actress award for this series!

Charmaine's 7 minutes Life Interview *Must Watch*

This is a very nice clip of an interview of Charmaine. The clip is from the War & Beauty year. A touching clip and look at the expression of the other casts and the audience listening to the interview. Charmaine also got teary eyed talking about her past. Also take a look at Mama Sheh in this clip.

Charmaine & Sonija Perish in The Name Of Love
Taiwan Promo
*must watch*

This clip shows how close Charmaine & Sonija became after filming Perish In The Name Of Love. This clip was taken during the series promotion in Taiwan. The interview part was hillarious! Must watch for Charmaine & Sonija fans.

Ivy: All 3 clips are in mandarin. Let me know if you have any problem understanding. I'll try my best to help translate.

clips credit to their respective owners from tudou.com

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