Friday, February 15, 2008

Good Future Ahead After Mounting The Stage, Millionaire Charmaine will have a Prosperous Year

Source : Apple Daily
15th February 2008

Charmaine Sheh has recently became Ms. Wealthy in silence. In 2004, she invested 4 million HK dollars for a 665-square feet apartment at Aberdeen's Sham Wan Towers and brought back a 6 figure sum return. Also, another property she invested for 5 million HK dollars for a 1200 square feet apartment at North Point is now valued at 13 million dollars, adding millions to her wealth. No wonder Charmaine spends luxuriously on food. Recently she spent $3888 at Tsim Sha Tsui eating luxurious delicacies. Charmaine also recently invested in a restaurant in Chengdu becoming a boss herself.

Charmaine flew to Canada and America earlier for stage perfomances, adding wealth to her at the start of the rat year. She is also not stingy to herself, recently went to Tsim Sha Tsui for a $3888 luxurious new year meal prepared by master chef Au Yeung Kong Kei. On the menu are Braised Crab with Superior Sharks Fin (括 紅 燒 蟹 皇 翅), South African Abalone with Fish Maw and Goose Feet(六 頭 南 非 鮑 魚 扣 花 菇 鵝 掌), Golden Spring Chicken and Pan-Fried Meat and Vegetable Buns (金 牌 炸 子 雞 及 生 煎 菜 肉 包) and other delicacies. Charmaine fills the position as the chef's assistant, doing some cooking and did it well.

Charmaine could add 8 million dollars to her account but refused to sell the apartment with good feng shui

Charmaine helped out to pour hot oil over the spring chicken, her cooking skills are not bad.

Refuse To Sell Apartment With Good Feng Shui

Luxurious meal is good enough, added she helped out in cooking, therefore she eats with specially good appetite

Charmaine did not deny that her recent stage performance in US and Canada brought her big amount of income. Wonder she will invest the profit on another property? She laughed and said: "I would, look at what property la, if suitable then I will invest." The Aberdeen apartment Charmaine bought in 2004 for 4 million HK dollars as investment has brought back some profit, she said " That house, I gained a 6 figure profit, bought the house to save some money but the profit is not that big."

Instead the apartment Charmaine bought in 2003 for 5 million HK dollars at North Pont increased greatly in value, she said: "Earlier a property agent said that someone offered 12 million HK dollars, a profit of 8 million HK dollars, the money is attractive but I do not plan to sell it as the Feng Shui is good, the area is also very convenient and also a nice place to live." In other words she means that her wealth has surpasses millions and she actually smiles and said: "Hopefully in the future when I become 'lou gu phor'(spinster in Cantonese colloqialism) I have no worries la, dating leave it to fate."

Opens Restaurant in Chengdu

Good Investment skills Charmaine also invests in the food industry. Earlier she invested in a Japanese restaurant with Anderson Junior 安 德 尊. Recently, she also invested in a restaurant with Eric Tsang, Kenny B and other artistes opening a restaurant in Sichuan, Chengdu. Charmaine said: "The restaurant has opened for 2 months, doing business also speaks of fate, actually wanted to open the restaurant at Beijing or Shanghai but had difficulties in finding the right location to open. There are friends interested to open the restaurant in Chengdu, so everyone agrees to open it there. After working in the filming industry for so many years I will like to try something new. I hope that this year I will have good scripts, good work partner and also would like to film movies."

Charmaine had a prosperous year last year, already a Ms. Millionaire

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Ivy : Took so long to translate this...haha. First, thanks to KuKoc for helping out with the translation too. Haha...also now thanks to Melanie on helping to edit the translations especially on the name of the delicacies and the location of the apartments!! Thank you very much. These location names and food names are really hard to translate. Charmaine really is one rich gal!! And I am sure she is much richer now as her restaurant is doing well. Also I came to know from KuKoc that Charmaine's fee for the NZX concert earlier was RM250,000!! WOW!! Haha...Charmaine really deserved every single cents she gained as she is one of the most hardworking artiste in TVB. Also hope Charmaine could find her Mr. Right soon so she does not have to be a "lou gu phor"! All the best to you Charmaine and may all your wishes for the rat year be fulfilled!

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