Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Charmaine's Blog Entry: 18th March 2008

Five Procedures of Worship

Although I do not have filming today but I specially went back to studio for blessing ceremony of (東山飄雨西關晴).

Hopefully filming goes smoothly and safely!! (順順利利,平平安安)

Pray four sides

Place the joss stick

Burn the Gold and Silver Paper Money

Cut the Roasted Pork

Eat Roasted Pork and Fruits

More Pictures :

Pictures and Original Blog Post from Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog

Ivy : Haha. Charmaine was so fast in updating her blog. She posted pictures from the blessing ceremony this afternoon faster than the press(thanks Joniser for informing). LOL. Charmaine's outfit is nice. Not filming costume as she has no filming today. The 5 procedures in the post is pretty cute. From Praying--->Eating(the part they love the most..haha FOOD!).I like the one pray four sides. The four pictures with her and Joe looks very cute especially the one with their back facing the camera.

Also enjoy a clip from Chengsha Promo of Charmaine at Happy Hour (娱乐无极限)

Charmaine is very funny in the clip! Haha. Mentioning her first proposal and playing tongue twister. Also mentioning Joe is a gentleman. Haha. Joe used to be in G4 before being a model then joining TVB. He sure is a tough guy as to be able to be in G4 have to undergo tough training!! Really Gou Tai Wai Mang!! Haha.

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