Monday, March 10, 2008

Trip to Langkawi

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Last weekend I went to a surprise trip to Langkawi. Woke up on Saturday morning and mum told me grandma was not feeling well recently(high blood pressure) so lets bring her for a short holiday to relax! Also to visit my brother who is currently staying in Langkawi. So what did I do in Langkawi? Push aside the Underwater World, Makam Mahsuri, Crocodile Farm etc and dive in to something more adventurous....Mangrove Tour! Also had the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour around 6 star hotel, The Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi.

Mangrove Tour

First time joining the Mangrove Tour in Langkawi and it was pretty fun! We rented a boat for RM160(could fit up to 10 pax). The guide will bring you around the mangrove stopping at a few stops for some pretty entertaining activities. The whole tour took around 2 hours. The scenery is very beautiful too! Below is the summary of the tour:

1st stop : Gua Kelawar (Bat Cave)
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The guide passed us a torch and asked us to explore the cave. And when we went in, it was pitch black. My mum switched on the torch light and pointed the light at the wall and wow! Many many dangling black scary creatures hanging on the cave wall! I looked closely at their face and eww...they looked like draculas and I can't seem to locate their eyes! Just sharp teeth!

At the exit of the cave there were many Monkeys! Managed to take some pictures of them before one of them wanted to grab my camera!
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2nd Stop: Fish Feeding!!

Second stop was fish feeding! And we did not feed ordinary fishes like throwing fish food into the Instead we fed stingrays! It was pretty fun! Feeding food straight into their mouth! Besides that, there were many other sea creatures to explore too!
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2nd picture: That's

More Pictures:

From left : 1) I forgot what that creature is called! 2) The boy used that as a hat! 3) Finger massage! 3) My brother took that picture of the bird 4) Oyster! There are pearls inside!

3rd Stop : Eagle Feeding!!

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After exploring sea creatures, the next stop was eagle feeding! I took a video of the eagle feeding. There were hundreds of eagles flying around us! Beautiful!

After that we visited some beautiful islands and got to took many beautiful pictures. It was a very very sunny day and I got sunburned from the trip. Haha. So prepare sunblock before going!

Guided Tour Around Four Seasons Resort

After the mangrove tour, we then went to Four Seasons Hotel to meet mummy's friend and we got a guided tour around the hotel! Well this hotel just makes you want to be rich!!


Love the main entrance of the hotel. Lots of Very tranquil feel.


I love the first picture above. Took from the coffee bar. Again, lots of water. Love the design of the shack floating on the crystal clear water surrounded by the coconut tree.

Beautiful Beach and Pool

1st : Beautiful private beach. Feels like Hawaii!
2nd: The quiet pool. No handphones etc allowed to be used and 18 and above only allowed to enter! Like a casino. Seriously!

Private Villa

This particular villa costs USD 1,700 a night. My mum asked if any celebrities stayed here? And our guide said yeah! Mum even asked "Charmaine Sheh??" ( I know Charmaine wouldn't spend that much on a night for hotel!) True enough the guide said not Charmaine. But guess who stayed here? Elijah Wood, Coco Lee and boyfriend and also from Hong Kong, Sam Hui.(Guide told us a HK male singer in his 50's who performed in Genting last month so Sam Hui is my guess)

More Pictures of the villa :

From left : (1) Spa treatment room (masseur specially service you in your room) (2) Jacuzzi tub with cushions around (3) Private outdoor jacuzzi (4) 1.5km private beach just for you (5) Shower while looking out at the gardens(don't worry its a private villa no peeping toms!) (6) Study desk overlooking a beautiful garden

Standard Room

The standard room is about RM1,800 per night. Not as beautifu as the private villa without private beach etc but still, compared to any other hotel it looks beautiful!

The Spa

This is another part of the hotel which I loved! The spa is very very beautiful! Feels like you're a king or queen being here. The spa looks like the ones usually seen on tv. Very tranquil wth soft music and the wonderful scent of aromatheraphy fragrances. Also sleeping on the bed surrounded with crystal clear water!!

After visiting the hotel I thought "to what an extend could the rich and famous enjoy?" Look at all these luxuries! I recalled what Ha Yu said in an episode of On The Road where he went to Dubai. He said money is very important. Having money could provide a quality and comfortable life not only to yourself but to people around you. So "lou lek lou lek lou lek!!"(work hard, work hard, work hard!!) Take Charmaine as an example. She is also working so so hard having only 3 hours of sleep a day to gain more income to guarantee a quality and comfortable life for her future family! So work hard people for your future!

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