Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Charmaine's QQ Blog Post : 30th April 2008

Olympics in the Countdown

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The Beijing Olympic games will start in August. Many different events to welcome and countdown for the Olympic Games are held in various countries.

To welcome the Olympic Games, TVB gathered more than 80 artistes and singers to sing a song with the title "Glorious Land" (光輝大地). I'm very happy to be one of the artistes involved.

I want to inform all of you, outdoor filming at Zhongshan for 東山 has been set at 26th May. If there are any changes I will certainly inform all of you.

I will be celebrating my birthday in Zhongshan.

Also another good news, the series you guys anticipated, Forensic Heroes II will be aired on May 19th at 9.30pm on TVB Jade channel. I will be participating in some promotion activities for the series. Remember to pay attention!

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Ivy : Love Charmaine's fashion here!! I love her black jacket and her jeans!! Also I will be busy for the following days of the week because my aunts, uncles and cousins coming over to visit me as tomorrow is a public holiday. Oh... Happy Labour Day to all working people~!! And also I'm going down to Kuala Lumpur this Friday for fans gathering. Can't wait to meet you guys again this Saturday!! I'll bring my laptop along to KL. So for those who are going see you guys then!!

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