Thursday, April 3, 2008

Some Things to Share!

I know you guys are all hungry for Chamaine's news now. Me too!! Whenever she is filming there will be less news of her as most of the time she is in the studio busy filming from 6 to 3 yeah 6am to 3am and not 9am to 5pm...haha. As I have exams to prepare for(Exams is really around the corner!!!....Grrr I Hate Exams!!) so I also seldom update my blog too. I just go online for 1 to 2 hours a day to fish for news and keep myself updated on oh and also doing some downloadings..hehe.

But then hey! I have to keep maintaining my blog's 人气 and also do some updates once in awhile! I do not know what to post so haha I'll post some things that I would like to share below! Check them out!

1) Bernice Liu and her Perfect Body!!

picture from Marie France Bodyline

Ivy : I was driving home from college this afternoon and I realised there were new what do you call that...advertisements usually hung on the street lights?? The roadside banners?? the new advertisements were from Marie France Bodyline and Bernice's picture similar to the above except with a different dress was featured. And below each of the banners a notice was written, "PANDU CERMAT". English it means "DRIVE CAREFULLY".. So I was thinking, hmm.. was that just a simple community message OR maybe the government was afraid drivers will lose all attention on driving by just looking at Bernice's picture!! Hey...she did not win the Most Alluring Body Award for nothing okay! And I admit...I also lost some attention during driving when looking at the advertisement..Oh if the ads were of Terimee's I think accident rates would increase!! LOL!

2) Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2006

Ivy : Well this is a clip I took from last year during the Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2006. The year Charmaine did not attend. The clip was taken when the artistes were on their way for press conference. Watch the clip and see who you could spot besides the obvious Myolie Wu as you could hear me and my mum saying "Wu Hang Yee, Wu Hang Yee" Hahaha. I still remember we waited until around pass 1am for the press conference to end and my reward for waiting was a handshake from Ron Ng!! Really coudn't sleep that night!! First time being so close to TVB Artists. Also the girl beside me was shaking hands with Ron and I did not know how... she tripped and fell down!! And Ron was like..Owh! and wanted to help her back on her feet(btw Ray Ray was there too..beside Ron) but the Men In Black(security guards) came and helped the girl up instead..and Ron said "Siu Sam Ah"(Be careful) and went off! I think if Ron really helped her up, her heart's going to melt like ice-cream!!..I'd purposely fall a few times in front of Ron and Ray!! Haha...

3) One of My PRECIOUS!!

Ivy : This is among my precious collections!!! Yeah no joking!! Autographed picture of Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter!!! I am a Harry Potter fan too besides TVB...LOLs. Doesn't he look cute!!??(although I actually like Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger more in the books and also the movies)

4) Charmaine and Chi Lam!!!!

Images Below Special Thanks to its Owner and Shu-Min. Please DO NOT REPOST AND CLAIM THEM TO BE YOURS. Thank You.

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Ivy : Last thing to share has to be associated with Charmaine right?? are some pictures of Charmaine and Chi Lam from promotion activity for Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2005!! Talking about this promotion...really is Kek Sei Yan!!! I WAS in KL on the day they came!!! And I also planned to go there to see them...but on the night before, in the hotel room...FOOD POISONING!!!! Ahhh!!! I missed the chance to see Charmaine!!! Of ALL Artists CHARMAINE & CHI LAM!! Why? Why? Why?? Why did I have to be greedy and ate that suspicious source of contamination to my stomach : Nasi Lemak!! Well anyway, enjoy the pictures!!

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Shu-Min said...

chilam was in malaysia.. OMG... how could i miss that chance? lol

Anonymous said...

omg, definitely my forever most favorite on-screen couple! love them soooooo much!! they are so cute, sweet and natural... make perfect match!!

Rachel said...

Yup saw them in Dec 05 in Sunway & Jan 06 @ Astro WLT Drama Awards. Got to see Ray, Ron, Kevin, Har Yu, Myolie, Christine Ng, Maggie Cheung Hor Yi and etc's
It was a good exprience and I enjoy every moment of it...