Monday, May 26, 2008

Charmaine at 娛樂直播 eBuzz Interview

credits to bebe from BBS

Ivy : The clip is more to an interview of Charmaine's life rather than an interview on her character in Forensic Heroes II, Belle Ma Kwok Ying. Good in the sense there is not much spoilers. Hehehe...I like the part where the interviewer said that the director spread news that Charmaine looks like she had been "possesed" when filming it actually means that she is very involved in her character when filming thus showing the "Cool Madam" attitude even after the director shouts "Cut!"

Charmaine looks so cute when she said "OK!" before the commercial break!! And I agree with her principle, "When you have commited yourself to do something, then you have to complete it! And not only complete it, but do your best in it!" Charmaine is also such a filial daughter! Haha. Her Birthday's just around the corner so hope she could find her other half soon!!

Also, I'm feeling very "hyper" (as what Pat Pat would say) because Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung and Lee Sze Kei will be coming to Ipoh, Malaysia on 5th & 6th July for Heart of Greed Promo! I have to go!! I want to go!! Who's planning or going to go?? Wanna go together? KC my friend!! Make sure you come with me!! You have to come with me I warn you!! LOLZ..Also another thing to get all hyper about is Joey Yung's concert!!! I'm going to go to Joey's Concert at Genting this 28th June!! Going to go book tickets soon!! Hahahaha.....

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