Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Charmaine & Kevin : Rehearsal

Charmaine and Kevin's performance will be on tomorrow! Hehe. At least TVB made-up to us fans for the cancellation last year. Something really good to look forward to tomorrow!haha...Oh..so this means that there will not be Easterly and Gem to watch tomorrow. Anyway, I enjoy watching Easterly and Gem. Great series! And Charmaine cried a lot in the series. Her character is someone who has principles and pride of herself. There was one scene where I watched together with my mum and when Charmaine spoke her dialogue at that part, we both shouted, "Yes! Yao Guat Hei!" Hahaha. For those who are watching, I wonder do you know which part I am stating? LOL. Anyway, here's a clip of Charmaine and Kevin rehearsing for the gala tomorrow!

Also, my home internet is experiencing problem again! And now I'm starting to suspect it has nothing to do with my modem...I think its Streamyx....No wonder so many people are complaining the service TM provides!! Continuous disconnection is really frustating as sometimes I'm posting something or writing an email and it got disconnected!! And I couldn't save what I wrote...so in the end..I have to delay everything and at times recompose everything!! Haha...sorry..Ivy expressing her frustration!!hahaha. I'll try posting up the duet right after the celebration up here if my internet does not fail me k! So wish me luck!!! Hehehe.

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