Monday, November 24, 2008

Random Talks : Gigi Lai & Joey Yung

Who would have thought that Gigi Lai and Joey Yung are actually good friends? I think most people didn't know this or didn't expect this(one example, me) as the both of them are actually not from the same line. One acting and one singing. But turned out they are actually quite close in person and because both of them are busy with their work, they rarely have time to meet together.

I think Joey and Gigi knew each other through a movie they filmed together. At that time, Joey was still a little girl and Gigi must be like an elder sister to her^^ Last year, Gigi and Joey met each other again during a Diamond Function and Gigi even wrote a blog entry on her with the picture above. Here's the translation of her blog entry :

I already knew Joey when she first entered the industry as a singer. At that time, I thought that she was good and has lots of potential. We haven't spoken for awhile and now she is already the Queen of the Music Industry. I'm really happy for her. Meeting her again at this Diamond Dinner Night made me feel that she has matured and has become more beautiful.

I browse through old news and saw some other pictures from this function and seems like the two of them held hands in all the pictures. Haha. And also an old news translation from this event.

Gigi Lai Nearly Died Filming in Tibet

Close Friends Gigi & Joey attended party together, media suggested they should form another Twins band.

Gigi Lai attended the "Forevermark" diamond party, she was dressed in an elegant low-cut Versace dress, and wore 28.1 carats of sponsored jewellery. Compared to Gaile Lai's 3 carats, Annie Liu's 9.88 carats and Joey Yung's 13.66 carats, Gigi had the most sparkles and became the centre of attention.

The diamond party was attended by many of HK's top models including Ana.R, Lisa.S, etc, but the media only seems to be focused on Gigi because she hasn't appear in public for a long time.

Reporters joked with Gigi saying she has gained weight and her famous "goddess" curves are back, Gigi happily replied "I don't mind putting on weight, I like being fat". Gigi spoke of her recent experience in Tibet filming for TVB series "The Gem of Life". Tibet is situated high up in the mountains and there is less air up there, Gigi found it hard to breathe air, her lungs were closing up and she felt she was suffocating. She had to be quickly rushed to the hospital, she said: "At the time I thought I was dying, I couldn't breathe and was losing conscious. Luckily the hospital gave me injections and put me on life support, I stayed in hospital for 36 hours.

I thought about my brother back in HK and I had to get better for him."Gigi says just looking at diamonds make her feel happy, she hopes in the future she can buy a 5 carat diamond for herself. She also wants to meet a future husband who can make her feel dizzy and lose breath like the way she felt up there in the mountains of Tibet. Asked about her rumoued ex-boyfriend marrying Michelle Reis, she said she didn't know about their marriage, but wishes them well.


Besides that(more trivias..hehehe), Gigi and Joey bumped into each other last year in Japan at Madonna's Concert! LOL. And they even planned to have dinner together but because Gigi still hasn't finish her shopping in Japan so in the end they didn't manage to spare time for dinner together. Haihz...I actually miss Gigi..LOL. Anyway I think Gigi has a lot of time now and I'm happy that she could get out of her old usual hectic schedule and do something she likes and enjoy. I'll continue enjoy watching TGOL then...hehehe.


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