Thursday, November 20, 2008

TVB 41st Anniversary Gala

I watched the TVB Anniversary Gala last night and I enjoyed it because Charmaine appeared in many parts of the celebration compared to last year! hehe. Charmaine first perfomed a dance with other artiste like Sonija Kwok, Nancy Wu etc in ancient costume as an entree. Then there is the performance with Kevin where we were all anticipating. Hehe. But then, it turned out that that was not the best part. Haha. The best part was Charmaine winning a lucky prize of $25,000 and also her participation in the Moonlight Resonance sketch! Haha. I did not expect her to be a part of the sketch. LOL.

I uploaded the main parts of the ceremony with Charmaine in it. I could not rip exactly all parts with Charmaine but these are the main parts with her in it. Enjoy!!!

Charmaine & Kevin : On-screen couple of the year!

I did not realise this coming. I did not expect the Charmaine and Kevin rumours to go so far to the extend that they are now the on-screen couple of 2008. Seems like a made-up papparazi story turned into TVB's strategy to further promote Charmaine & Kevin!! Haha. And seems like people are starting to accept this? LOL. The strategist behind this must be TVB's 'Chu Ge Liang'. Hahaha. So now there are Bernice<-->Moses, Linda<-->Raymond, Myolie<-->Bosco and for 2008, Kevin<-->Charmaine!! (Oh no...Grandpa have a tougher rival now...kekeke)

Guess where is Charmaine!!!??

Hehe....try to guess where is Charmaine in the clip...Haha...All I could say is, Poor Charmaine getting this partner out of all people...LOL. And Moses looks super hillarious!haha.

Lucky Winner Charmaine!

I was happy when Charmaine managed to open the safe. But then after that I thought aiya..if she open the first prize would be better! LOL. But then $25,000 is better than nothing! hehe. During credits, I saw Charmaine and Shirley exchanged hugs..LOL. Disputes among them??...I don't think so.

Overall, it was quite enjoyable to watch and TVB made more preparation for the gala this year compared to last year where there were no new ideas. Besides Charmaine, other performances to take note are Liza Wang's hip hop dance which was impressive for her age, The Comedic Trio which left me in tummy ache because of laughing LOL...and also the performance of the 5 new actor turn singer (Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Bosco Wong and Patrick Tam). Myolie even sang Joey's new plug "On The Treadmill" LOL. I wouldn't say she sang well but also she didn't sang it badly. Their singing was obviously pre-recorded though although the debate on banning miming is the hot topic now. Haha.

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