Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bosco Wong & Myolie Wu debut album & Tavia Surprise!!OMG~~

I've gone through the track list etc and here's the summary...haha..

Myolie Wu : Evolve

Track List :

1. 單身旅行(New Song) 2. 浪漫世紀(New Song) 3. 時間不等我(New Song) 4. 幸而(War & Destiny Themesong) 5. 豬小姐(To Grow With Love Subtheme) 6. 哪時此刻 OT:一加一 (胡杏兒/王浩信合唱) 7. 感激遇到你 (野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶插曲) (胡杏兒/黃宗澤合唱) 8. 最難過今天 (野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶插曲) (胡杏兒/王浩信合唱)

Bonus DVD MVs :

1. 單身旅行 2. 浪漫世紀 (劇場版) 3. 哪時此刻 (劇場版)

Ivy : I'm not too impressed with the cover and also the so little number of tracks. Its worse when most of the tracks are actually songs from her dramas. For example, track 4, 5, 7 and 8. Track 6 is also another version of her Metro Radio themesong 'One Plus One'. So Myolie actually only has 3 new songs of her own! That's more than half the number of total tracks. Myolie's voice is quite good. Better than Linda Chung I would say. But this album just lacks something fresh and too litttle tracks. As I said, maybe her recording company Neway Star Music wants to get her songs plugged and album sales start going so that she could be nominated and stand higher chance for music awards this year. Because afterall, its already the end of the year. So the outcome of the album seems to be too rushed. I think Myolie only used around 2 or 3 months for the release when usually a really good album by full time singers out there usually uses around one year. Haha. It will be a good buy for her die-hard fans but for me, collecting cantopop albums, I will skip this one.

In Love With Bosco

Track List :

1. 全角度愛你 2. Hey Boy 3. 多謝試用 4. 忙甚麼 5. 普天同愛 6. 第幾天《賭場風雲》插曲 (Dicey Business Subtheme)

Ivy : Only 6 songs! I wonder if this is an EP or album? Haha. Bosco already has track 1 plugged. The album release date will be on the 5th of December. Another album with too little songs.....This album is still yet to be released so I'm still yet to listen to his songs. But I'm not too fond of Bosco's vocal all along. And also added with so little tracks, so I will also not add this album to my collection. Haha. This is another album released in a rush. Bosco is signed with East Asia which means Denise Ho, Ivana Wong etc is his Si Jie...LOL. Because of boycott issues between his recording company and RTHK...I wonder will this affect his chance on chances in an award.....

In conclusion, I think I will still stick with EEG productions although I am at high risk of falling into their trap on sucking my money! Hahaha. With their different versions etc..but stilll I love Joey, Raymond, Vincy which are all EEG people..haha. Also, they do produce better music...kekeke.


OMG~~! While I was composing the post above, I received a phone call from an unknown KL number.... And the lady told me, "Congratulations, you have won the ~H20+ competition to meet and take photo with Tavia and also won some H20 products!"......I didn't even expected this and I even thought it was Astro calling me on The Gem Of Life Dinner! Hahaha. So instead of Sunway Pyramid 11am, I'll have to go to Pavillion at 1.30pm instead for registration etc....Luckily they didn't ask me to go to One Utama instead at night!! If not I'm going to be in a dilema because of conflict with Liza Wang's concert!! So means after Tavia's event I'll have to rush to Genting! OMG...tight schedule! Hahaha. I just saw this H20 competition and sent in a simple e-mail entry once! Didn't expect to win at all!! Hahaha.....I'm going to go congratulate Tavia when I meet her..LOL!

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