Monday, February 16, 2009

Joey@Alan Tam & Hacken Lee Concert 2009

Joey Yung went to watch Hacken and Alan's concert on 13th February night. And they invited her upstage to sing together. Joey sang 刻不容緩 with Hacken and 霧之戀 with Alan and Hacken. 13th February...its after CNY right??? But LOOK AT THE RED PACKETS JOEY RECEIVED!!!


I want her red packets!!!! Look at her!! She even missed some!! So funny she kept on saying new year wishes and then Wah!! More red packets coming her way!! LOL...She's like "Gong Hey Fatt Choy" then pick pick pick red packets...then "San Tai Kin Hong" then pick pick pick again...HAHAHA... And when that security guard and Hacken wanted to help her hold them...Look at how she dodged them and her 'fat chin hon' look!! Hahahaha...


I feel they 3 sing the song very well! Look at her so happy with her red packets as she leave! And even while hoping out, still more red packets to pick!! Wah, watch one concert rich already!! Hahaha.


FAT CHIN HON LOOK!!! Hahaha...No the money are not from her red packets. The money above was the donation money she collected to build a water tank for African Childrens in 2007. Joey and Twins were 'thick skin' enough to go from one table to another to ask for donations during a dinner function. Haha. If I'm not mistaken they needed $300,000. And that night they managed to get not a big part of that amount...So I think finally they used their own money from their pockets as the water tank was built. The picture above was posted at her blog while she was counting money from the donation box before her trip to Africa. Its always nice to do something for charity^^

Ivy : Haihz...I have to start packing(TVB stuff will be a big part of my package...hahaha) already as I'm leaving for KL on Wednesday morning. From then on, I will be based in KL and not Penang. I'm going to miss Penang for sure!! And my mum and my dog!! Hahaha. But at least I'm staying with my brother in KL so wouldn't be that scary~~~Looking forward to Astro WLT Awards this Saturday!!!

Also E.U will be airing tonight at 9.30pm!!! Yeah!! Looking forward!!

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