Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Joey Yung : A Time For Us


About time to write a post on this as Joey's new cantonese album, A Time For Us will be releasing on 30th April 2009! Album details :

- Comes with a 56 Page Photo Album which Joey put much effort into(listen to the following interview)

- CD + DVD(可歌可泣 MV)

Track List :

01. 可歌可泣 (“百老滙”廣告歌) 02. 我所知的兩三事 (“麥當勞”廣告歌) 03. 搜神記 04. It doesn't matter 05. 心賊難防 06. 花城 07. 開動快樂 (“可口可樂”廣告歌) 08. 圓謊 09. 時不與我 10. 兩面


Here are some previews of the songs in the albums on CRHK. It will be a 1 week run everyday on Chik Chak 903 introducing the songs from the albums. So far I've heard 1. 可歌可泣, 2.我所知的兩三事, 3.搜神記 and 6.花城. And all of them are very nice. Each one with its different style. Track 2 is McDonald's Shake Shake fries commercial themesong and its a very happy, fun and catchy song! I'm Lovin' It! Haha. Track 3 is a beautiful song sang superbly well by Joey(my mum said wow...so nice wan ar...when she heard it...hahaha) which has already been plugged. I will update more on the interviews during the week! Listen to them, and if you like the songs,

Support Joey by getting Joey's Album!! Buy Original at YesAsia here.

Chik Chak Interview : 27th April 2009 (Joey talks about album generally and photoshoot, Introducing Track 1 and Track 3)

28th April 2009 - (Introducing Track 2, McDonald's Commercial song and Track 6)

29-04-2009 - Introducing track 5(A Faye style song), track 8(slow song ballad which Joey took a few months to complete recording and be satisfied with it) and track 10(A Goomusic Production)

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