Monday, April 20, 2009

Starlight Again!!

Time to update on more celebrity chasing today! Haha. I wanted to update last night but I was too tired to do so. That's the price to pay when you chase a star. So here I go!

I'll start with the concert. Haha. Okay, before concert, I met up with a few other Joey fans for dinner. Then after that we entered the event venue. And there is a LOOOOOOONG que. Hahahaha. Which isn't really a bad sign because it just means that the ticket sale was good. Haha. Go JOEY!! Then I was looking for Joey's Miffy&Choffy softtoy but I don't think they sold it in Singapore Starlight. Probably it was the last leg of concert and they already ran out of stock. The concert was supposed to start at 7.30pm but it ended up starting at 8.15pm because it took some time for people to enter the event. The Max Pavillion in Expo is smaller compared to Arena Of Stars. The stage and the seating capacity is smaller. Which is not a very good sign because there will be less space for Joey to dance!

Anyway, as usual, Joey started with '蜃樓' similar to all her other Starlights. The first few songs was exactly the same as the standard Starlight show. And Joey spoke in Mandarin during the concert. She seems very uncomfortable speaking in mandarin. Haha. Poor girl. After that, she started singing a mandarin number '小小'(little). This is the first time I listen to her sing 'little' and she sang it very well. Her live singing is very impressive! Recorded part of 'little'. Image isn't too clear but you can hear the audio.

After that, Joey sang and danced to the song 'tou'(escape) which was one of the parts I loved the most when I saw it in Genting(Joey changes costumes in lighting speed). Similarly I still loved it when I watched it the second time. Hahaha. One thing, when Joey flung her hands, her glove flew off(advantage to fans coz they get to feel her hand more when they shook it rather than through a layer of gloves???)! Hahahaha. And when doing the somersault, her mic went out of place!! Luckily she very professionaly used her finger to push it back into position as if it was part of her dance. Hahaha. After that, she mentioned that she didn't have time to wear her pants properly so its loose!! So she continued to sing and shook hands with fans and the next part was mandarin selection.

The mandarin selection part was totally different from Genting leg of the concert. The one in Genting was 100% cantonese. In Singapore, because its a mandarin speaking country, she has to sing some mandarin numbers. So she sang Stephanie Sun's song 我不难过. Joey sang with Stephanie's style. I think she love this song and sings it in KTV often. Hahahaa. The chorus part was very similar to the way Stephanie sings the song! Here's a clip of it took by some other fan! (I love how Joey sings with so much expression and feelings. Her facial expression actually changes according to the song and you can see she puts all emotion into the song she sings;happy, sad, sexy, energetic.....)

After that, more mandarin!! She sang a song I think its called 'You're beautiful'. (Okay, its called Love's Beautiful by Tanya Chua. Thanks to mab for the info!) The chorus of the song goes like...'You're la la la...' Hahaha. Anyway, its a fresh feel to listen to her sing some other singer's songs. Besides singing other people's mandarin songs, she sang a few of her own mandarin songs which was from many years ago. She sang '明天爱谁' which is the subsong of the movie Demi-Haunted which she stars with Eason Chan. I sort of predicted she will sing this song beforehand. Then she also sang ' 独照'(Lonely Potrait) and ' 忽然单身' all songs from her old mandarin album. Its a fresh feel to listen to her sing these songs which she rarely sings but then, adding mandarin selections has changed the original Starlight feel because she didn't sing songs like 'Ling Si Ling Fan', 'Pui Ngor Cheung Dai', 'Zhang hei' etc.

Luckily, Joey kept 'Mad About You'. That's one of the best vocals for the concert. But she didn't bring her special red mic with her and used the Expo mic. Too bad. And I'm so happy she sang '跑步机上'(On the treadmill)!!! When she danced the crowd all stood up and was so high. I was wasn't even power medley yet. Hahaha. She sang 'On the treadmill' very very well and the dance was great!! After that, she said that she's so relieved because she finished the mandarin part already. Then she starts speaking cantonese. Hahaha. She said she was so tensed up performing in mandarin and had difficulty involving herself into the music. Lols.

The Beginning of FUN

She then sang 'Classic Medley' and then 'Power Medley'. This was when things started to change. Hahaha. As me and my mum was seating and watching Power Medley, slowly our view started to be blocked. We could barely see Joey on stage. WHY???Because everyone started standing up!! In the end, we couldn't bare it so we stood up and walked forward too following the crowd. Haha. Joey was happy when she see the audience all stood up. Haha. We couldn't walk really up to the front as there were guards blocking. But at least its close. The funny thing was, the guards were standing still at first facing the audience. Then after like halfway through Power Medley, they start to thump their feet according to the beat and went like peeping at Joey! Hahahaha. Because of the size of the stage, Joey could do limited things on stage. And the lighting effects were not that great compared to HK Colliseum. Nevertheless, still a great performance and she didn't show any sign of exhaustion.

Joey ended the concert with 3 last songs. '與蝶同眠'(Slumbering with Butterflies), 挥着翅膀的女孩(Mandarin version of My Pride) and '全身暑假'(All Summer Holiday). When she sang Slumbering With Butterflies(which I was hoping she will sing), she sang it so smoothly! Usually in other live performances, the last part of the song which is a one-breathe-sing-it-all, she usually has to take one extra breathe to finish it. On that night, she sang the whole phrase smoothly!! Hahaha. After that her face turned white!! Lack of oxygen! Haha. And she has to take in deep breathes. My mum said...poor Joey and Yung Mama!! Sure heart pain. I think Joey's chest sure hurt!! For the mando version of My Pride, no doubt. She always sing it well, except for one part she almost mixed up and sang the cantonese version. Hahaha. When she sang All Summer Holiday, Joey asked the crowd to come forward. So we did again. And this time, we were so forward into like the 3rd row. Haha. So we could see it really clearly. After that, she ended and went backstage and then the 'Encore' shouting started. So I took this time to look around and see if I could spot Joey's mum or maybe Ray....Hahaha. I turned to the back and saw this whole row of familiar looking people. Then I whispered to my mum and told her, these people should be from HK. Hahaa. Coz they just look different. LOLS. And my mum turned around and one of the lady smiled at her. And I keep looking at the other familiar looking lady and she looked back at me. Hahaha. And then Joey came back out to encore. I recorded the encore part(16th Lover & Amen)! You can see around 1:55 of the clip, Joey threw her tissue at the audience and the audience actually keep it. Hahaha. She said, 'You even want that???Throw away lar!!'

At the end of 16th Lover, you can hear Joey said my boss is here!! And OMG!! No wonder that group of people were so familiar!! It was owner of EEG Mr. Albert Yeung and that lady which I stared at was his wife!! embarassing. Hahaha. And the lady who smiled at my mum was Joey's aunty! Hahaha. I tried to turn around to film Mr. Yeung but I think I just got half of his face(he's the one holding the light throb). When Joey sang Amen, I saw Mr Yeung and his wife, they really enjoy and put their heart into listening to her sing. You can see it in their eyes. Haha. Once Joey went off, they all also went backstage. Probably to congratulate her. And that's when my mum said, 'Joey's Mum!!' And I go where where?? And when I spotted her mum, I only had time to see her back. Haha. But my mum said she looked very young and pretty.

Worth The Trip

So has concert ended? Yes. And my mum was planning to leave already and catch the MRT. Coz its like 11pm already when it ended. And I told her, 'Don't go yet lar!!' Coz I saw JY6(Joey Yung Fanclub Members) still gathering outside around the carpark area. My mum didn't want to wait at first because she said maybe they are waiting for their chartered bus to send them home. But somehow, I managed to ask her to stay awhile. Because I know that usually Joey won't just leave. She'll meet her fans first. One of the Joey fan I knew was also waiting so we waited together. Then suddenly, JY6 walked to the back in a group. It was dark ok....hahahha. So we followed. Then they changed from walking to sprinting! Hahahaha. Then we also sprint!! Even my mum. Hahaha. When I reached, Joey was walking out. Then she bowed and came towards my side right infront of me and took my hand. OMG. Hahahaha. Then she said 'Xie Xie!!'. And I realise, when Joey shakes your hand, she doesn't release it until she has finished her conversation with you! So she was like holding my hand(her hand very cold lar...LOLS...) and I told her 'Cho Yee, GOOD SHOW!!'. And she went suddenly into Cantonese saying, 'Duo jie, Thank You!!' Then she went to my right and shook someone else's hand. And that someone spoke in English. And I realise it was my mumPhotobucket....My mum always speak in English to celebs. Hahaha. My mum told her(and Joey was holding her hand too), 'I enjoyed the show very much.' And Joey replied, 'Thank You. I enjoyed myself very much too.' And I wentPhotobucket .......Her English Good! Hahahaha. Don't know how to describe. Its like, every word was so clear. Hahaha. Then she went to her other fans and popped the champagne. That was when I took out my album and pen asking for autographs. I got 3 albums but I only took one out coz I'm not sure if she can sign. Hahaa. Joey is very bubbly. She jump and jump with the champagne bottle. Haha. Then I waved my album to her then she came over and wanted to sign. Then she said, 'eh..yam yat tam sin!' (Eh, let me drink first) And she drank a mouthful from the bottle. Hahaha. Then she passed the bottle to the guard and took my pen and album. She stared at the album(Bi-Heart) album before signing...haha maybe to look at her own picture or the price tag? Then she passed me back the signed album and I thanked her. Then, I wanted to take the pen back, but Joey was so funny...she was so excited she continued to sign for all other fans with my pen. Walking back and forth signing for others. So Ok, I'll let her use it first. Hahaha. So I took my camera and video capture her. And I don't even know what I took. Haha. Here's the video combined. Its dark but thanks to the flash from other people's camera you can see her. Hahahaha.

In the clip someone said that her show was great. And Joey said, 'If so, ask more of your friends to support me la!' Haha. She's very down to earth.

Then after that, Joey said, "Hou la, ngo yiu chao ge lar"(Okay, I have to go, while waving my pen in the air). I expect her to ask who's pen is this and give it back. But then No!! She turned around instead and ready to go into her car!! Then I shouted, "Cho Yee!!!!" Then she turned around and looked. And I told her, "Ngo Ge Pat Ar!!!!" (My Pen!!). Then she went "Owh!!Pat!!" Her facial expression was so funny. Haha. She is so blur and bubbly. Then she hurriedly came back forward and passed me back my pen. Hahaha. Then she said Bye again to everyone and went into the van!


So, at the end of the day, we missed the last MRT and had to take a taxi back to hotel. Haha. But its well worth it. Hahaha. Enjoyed it really much and Joey was just like what I expected, and actually friendlier than what I expect. She's really very down to earth and you can speak to her just like a friend rather than HK Cantopop Queen. Totally no 'Tin Hao'(Diva) attitude. Also, Joey mentioned the next day at her Twitter that her cat died. So sad. This is the 2nd time her cat died while she was abroad for concert. That's the cycle of life. Haihz. It was a great experience and even get to see Mr Yeung which was a bonus. Haha.

Back to study life again now. HAIHX. And still suffering from JYWS- Joey Yung Withdrawal Syndrome. Hahaha. Hope to see you again soon Joey!! Hope you enjoyed reading another entry of Ivy's moments with celebrities!! Hahaha. Thank You! One last phrase to summarise Joey Yung's Starlight Concert : 'She sings into your heart!'


Newly Convert Joey Fan said...

Hey..well written piece for the concert!! Great clips of Joey as well!! Where did u manage to film her and get her autograph on your CD?? You mean you knew she was gonna leave by which exit? Wow!

Ivy said...

Hi, thanks! erm yeah. Because usually Joey will meet her fans to pop the champagne after the concert. So we waited at the exit for her :D

Anonymous said...

All right. I've to say that Joey does gives her fans what they want. If she doesn't win any awards this year, I can say that they (TVB or whatever award oganisers) miss one of the greatest Asian entertainer of this era.