Monday, April 13, 2009

Updates updates~~~

I can't go online for the last 2 days!! Haha. I'm back to Penang for 1 week because its my mid-semester break. ONE WEEK!!!???? Not enough lar!!! Hahaha. After 2 months of lack of sleep and panda eyes, one week not enough to get rid of it!! And also I have an assignment to hand in right after its not exactly a break. Haha. Nevertheless, Penang is the best! Hahaa. Get to go home and play with my dog!! Miss him so much!!

Okay, I'm watching E.U. now, up to episode 14 already. So far I don't see anything so special about Mr. Laughing yet. Maybe I'll have to continue watching (Hou Hei Zoi Hao Cheong)....Hahaha.

Also, I want to THANK my friends for the Surprise Birthday lunch!! And also all the Birthday wishes~~This KC...culprit! Always do this thing!! You guys made me ate so much chocolate during the weekends lar!! Anyway, Thank You!!!! *hugs*

Now talk about future events :



I'm heading to Singapore 18th-19th April for Starlight Joey Yung again! Hahaha. This time with my mum. Joey's having auto session on 16th April but I can't attend because I can't spend so many days in Singapore! So I'll just go for the concert and maybe try see Joey after the concert. Why I always can't attend auto session??? hahaha. Nvm...since I got her autograph already. This will be Joey's first concert in Singapore and also her last leg for Starlight World Tour. So those who have no plans this weekend, maybe consider watching it! Hehe. Its one of the best concert ever, trust me!!

Concert details here.

Raymond Lam, Kuala Lumpur

Dearest Ray decided to step his foot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the day I step my foot in Singapore to watch his Si Jie's concert.....Hahahaha. Which means, I have to skip this function. Maybe by chance, Fung will fly over to Singapore after his function to watch Joey's concert. Hahaha. Ok, I'll spot for him among the audience during the concert then. Hahaha.

Fung is coming to promote my surprise. AliCafe is a...erm...Guy's tonic kind of coffee I think. Hahaha. Its 'tongkat ali'. Maybe you can Google it to see what is tongkat ali. Anyway, here is his scedule :

18th April 2009, 11 am - AliCafe, Kelana Mall(fans gathering only through invitation)
18th April 2009, 1.30 pm - Sunway Pyramid (autograph session, open to public)

So, enjoy!! If you're too bored this weekend, maybe can consider these events!! Or if you don't want to see them but want to see me, also can. Hahaha...OMG...I'm Malaysians will put it..PERASAN!

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