Friday, February 19, 2010

Raymond Lam & Joey Yung's New Year MV

The MV Joey and Raymond filmed with the Mannings Commercial girl is out! They sang the song 'Hei Hei Yeung Yeung'

Here's the video and also the mp3 download with and without the greetings at the end.

without greetings:
with greetings:

Here are some TMO or filming clips too!

Ivy: I just got back from Japan yesterday night. And honestly, until now I still feel tired. Hahaha...sitting long haul flights really kills me. I can't sleep at all in the plane. I envy those who can. LOL. I ended up watching the movies Poker King and The Dark Knight. But I didn't finish The Dark Knight!! Gonna go youtube for the rest of the part I missed. LOL. Will share some pics here after I am fully rested and the photos are edited =)

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