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22nd August 2010: Wang Lee Hom Album Showcase


"Crowd, crowd, crowd.............."

The only thing I could use to describe this event is C-R-O-W-D. Just mention that Wang Lee Hom is coming to town and people go into a fan frenzy. To a very unexpected me who only arrived at the venue at 5.45pm (because of some other obligations) when the event starts at 6pm, I was shocked at the number of people there waiting for Lee Hom. This star could make people travel all the way and probably even from overseas (the couple standing beside me is from China) to just have a glimpse of his face. And when I say a glimpse, I really meant it. Having a stage with a 7,000 people crowd (fit for an Arena of Stars Concert), no projector screen, really, how clear could you see him eh? Well, of course, unless you get his album and bring it up for him to sign? Nah, that too, only lasted probably less than three seconds?

Well first, arriving there, I met up with Eunice and Wai Wai who were already there since like 12pm?? When I finally managed to meet them, I was already soaking wet. Not because of the rain, but because of the humidity and heat from such a crowded place! The word I said the most to make my way through was, "Sorry, excuse me.....sorry, excuse me....." Just so you understand what I meant, here's a picture of the crowd.

And besides crowding outside, people were also crowding around window panes inside the mall. Well, at least they had air conditioning! Hahaha....

After waiting for like 30 minutes, Lee Hom finally appeared on stage with sunglasses to frenzy screaming fans singing his new song, '你不知到的事'(Things you do not know). I enjoyed his singing though. His voice was clear and powerful. Good vocals! Here is a video taken by a fan:

After singing one song, the MC(Royce) said that its time for media photographs and also autograph session. And our reactions at the time was 'One song only???' There were fans shouting encore, however Royce said Lee Hom can't do an encore because of time constrain. He's rushing for a flight after this (Geez...can't imagine how pack his schedule is!).

So alright, autograph session time. However, things were so unorganised, we do not even know where should we be to que for autographs. And its not easy to find or even ask because with 7000 fans waiting for autographs, things were really chaotic. We soon realise that people from the fanclub and with special passes from organisers were given priority to get an autograph first. That's very different from the fanclub I'm in..LOL. In Joey's fanclub, we let the public get an autograph first. And when I say fanclub members get to get an autograph first, its not like 20-30 members. I think the number of 'Homaniacs' members present was like 100-200 of them! It took Lee Hom like 45minutes signing, but he was still signing for people from that group. So what we were doing?? We just walked around and some Astro personell approached us to do an interview for them. So I dragged Eunice with me...(because I'm not really a Lee Hom fan!!!)

So, with camera pointing at us, the interviewer started asking us questions...what time did we arrived? (12pm...what a lie!! Well, at least for me..haha)...What's your opinion on Lee Hom's new movie? (haha..not bad, very comedic.....gosh another lie...haven't even watched it)...what song of Lee Hom is your favourite?(Wei Yi...which is his song that I'm most familiar with and also a song from N years ago) to which the interviewer Wei Yi your only favourite? (of course not! there's still many I love!...LIE!) Can you sing us the song? (Erm..'~ni jiu shi wo de wei yi~'....oops forgot lyrics...pushes mic to which Eunice didn't sing...BIGGER OOPS!) Anything to say to Lee Hom? (Add Oil! Support You!)

After the interview I was laughing..gosh what a failure. I'm sure Astro would cut everything away and probably just put in the last part, Lee Hom Ga Yao! LOLS...maybe those who watches Astro AEC's Show Power programme or something like that can lookout for it..since I don't watch it. And this made me realise that the interviews we all watch of other artiste...they may be just the same...fakeness..LOLS. But having chasing stars for a few years now, I'm very clear of this fact. So to the fans that go all fan frenzy and believing whatever their idol says, this is a gentle advice. Don't sink too deep and end up getting dissapointed. Replying interviews is just a promotion and part of their job. It does not necessarily represent them or their beliefs. Have something more realistic that you could cling on to idolise. Eg. their talent. Do not choose good looks. That's the worst!

So after lingering around the place not knowing where to even start queing, suddenly there was action up stage. Lee Hom suddenly stood up from his seat and walked forward. I thought he wanted to sing another song for the waiting crowd. Hahaha...turned out he said he needed a toilet break! LOLS....that's really something to laugh out to. So, while he was standing and talking, I took some pictures.

Then as nightfalls, we started crowding around and looking for the que. We saw where all the crowd was and just joined in. It was soooo crowded that people started gettting sick. First, I heard someone vomitted and then I saw another lady walking pass me almost fainting. She walked to the side and had to sit on the ground..her whole face was red and sweating. Gosh...getting sick because of Lee Hom, is it worth it?? The question "what am I doing here?" honestly did cross my mind. Haha..Being squashed between the crowd..standing, waiting...luckily there's no sun! But once you're in the crowd, there's no way out. You do not take a step forward. You wait till you are pushed forward.

After being squashed for like an hour, we heard that Lee Hom will only sign until 9pm. Looking at the number of people still waiting for an autograph, I actually don't put much hope! And true enough, when we were so near the entrance for que, they said they are not accepting entry anymore. Then things became chaotic. People start jeering. They said its unfair! Then the security guards were screaming telling people not to push. Some people were pissed off and left the venue. That was when I spotted Aiko (a friend in the fanclub) and waved to her. She then came and asked Wai Wai to throw over her lyric book so that she could go up and get it signed. Funnily, after Wai Wai threw hers, many other people threw theirs at Aiko too. Hahahaha...Aiko only took Wai Wai's up to sign though. After awhile, Lee Hom had to speak up...he said (while signing), "He has a flight to catch. However, he asked his assistants to first go to the hotel to pack his stuffs for him so he has extra time here to sign." (good strategy to calm the fans down. Although in reality, the luggage must have already beeen packed earlier on...LOLS!) So, finally, we all managed to get in the queing zone.

As I mentioned earlier, even getting to get up to get an autograph, its just a glance at Lee Hom. Lee Hom looked really blur at that time. He doesn't even has time to respond or shake hands with fans. He just kept signing and signing, while looking up at alternate occasions. I can't help wondering how much he earned from album sales that night?? Must be several tenths of thousand!

So after that, we went to the back to wait for Lee Hom to get up the car. And when he finally came out, I don't know what happened to my camera!! Must've gotten the wrong settings!! It didn't do continuous shots so everything turned out blur!! Arrghhh!!! What a waste!! Once Lee Hom went into the car, he straight away adjusted his seat to sleeping position and vanished from sight. LOLS. After everything ended, we went for food and here's a picture of the autographed album with Eunice posting to it.

All I can say, famous Taiwan artistes are scary...well untag that. It should be Taiwanese artsite fans are scary!!! Scary in the sense of its number and also their selfless support towards their idols. Rain or shine, day or night, they'll stay there and support. Phew, I'm more selfish in this sense...KEKEKEKE....

Pictures which mostly consisted of 'Artistic' shots...LOLS...the flowers were more to the focus than Lee Hom was! Hahaha....

Venue: One Utama, Petaling Jaya

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