Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back from Hong Kong!!

I'm back to Malaysia!!! But I kinda miss Hong Kong especially the food and desserts! I managed to get Raymond Lam's album(currently listening) and got the cover I wanted too!! Funny thing is the first thing I saw on the TV of my hotel room on the first night was Charmaine's Afontane advertisement on the TVB Pearl And the next day on the bus I saw the bus beside the bus I'm in was another Charmaine's Afontane advertisement..lolz.

I managed to eat HK's famous smelly toufu, curry fish ball, fried cuttle fish, egg tarts, coconut tarts and best of all the mango glutinous ball and mango desserts. Taste so good! Now I miss it...can't find in Malaysia. Also bought the Yuen Long famous Lou Phor Peng (wife biscuits). Didn't try it yet. Still in the box. Gonna grab one later. Besides eating also went for shopping. Shopped till my leg hurts when i Also went to HK Disneyland. Worth it to go during the Christmas period coz they have Christmas decorations and the fake snow(made from detergent like foam) which is pretty nice. And also the daily musical fireworks presentation. Another tourist spot where enjoyed going was The Avenue of The Stars. Saw handprints of all the famous artists and the view there is great.

Enough of my trip, now Charmaine won the Most Favourite Hong Kong actress at the QQ Entertainment Awards. So happy for her! Really deserve the award for her character as Wing Sau Fung. Her dress for the night is also very nice the red suits her. Raymond Lam also won the same award category for best actor. Congratulations to the both of them! Now I'm only waiting for the Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007. Gonna post the voting procedures later so Malaysian residents please vote for Charmaine and support her. Also Charmaine's coming to Malaysia in January so I hope i get to see her this time!!

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