Thursday, December 13, 2007

Charmaine Endorses Mainland Product

Charmaine Sheh recently endorse GaoPeng Footwear a Mainland China brand.

Ivy's thoughts:

Yay! More news of Charmaine! She looks really lovely in the catalog! Her hair and dress suits her really well. Also happy for her as more endorsement = more $$. Besides that it is a China product which means more publicity for her in China. Helps to build up her market in Mainland. Heard from Sehseh Charmaine sponsors her own wardrobe for the catalog photoshoot. Wow nice dresses she has. GaoPeng's design looks good too. Love the ones where Charmaine wears in the black dress near the staircase.

Also heard from Sehseh Charmaine's going to attend QQ Entertainment Awards at Beijing next week together with Raymond Lam. She's heading to Beijing on coming Monday. Best of luck Charmaine! Hope she wins something.

Catalog scans :
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

All scans credit to Charmaine Sheh International Fan Club

p.s I'm going on a holiday to Hong Kong tomorrow so no updates for awhile. I'll update when I'm back. Too bad Charmaine is heading to Beijing on Monday and not Tuesday if not i may bump into her at the airport...lolz. I'll be back on Tuesday. Hopefully more news on Charmaine receiving awards when I return :)

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