Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Music Videos galore!!

As Charmaine is pretty occupied from filming Forensic Heroes 2 till the end of the year I guess there wouldn't be much news of her attending functions and events. To occupy me during this period, I spend some time watching MVs of Charmaine and other interesting clips available on the net. Some fans did a great job in making the MVs. Therefore I would like to share some MVs which I came across which I feel is worth watching. If you have not watched the following series or yet to watch please be warned of spoilers. If you are considering whether to watch then hope these MVs will help you get a rough idea of the series. Credits go to all the owners of the MV and really admire their hard work as it is not an easy job to make an excellent MV.

Lethal Weapons of Love & Passion and The Drive of Life

This video was very well done and impressive. One of the best I've came across so far. What do you guys think?

Dance of Passion featuring Charmaine & Moses

This one was also pretty well done. It brings out the feelings of the couple and goes with the song too. The song "Lovers on Golden Sand" by Charmaine suits the theme and if you've watch the series you'll understand the lyrics which are actually Chun Fan's (Charmaine's character) life and misery.

Point of No Return featuring Julian & Charmaine

One of my favourite series of Charmaine. The Julian and Charmaine pairing is excellent. Great chemistry. This video shows great effects and the song(傷信 by Eason Chan ) is nice too.

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
featuring Charmaine & Raymond

Another excellent one. Song by Hacken Lee. My favourite Charmaine's wuxia series. She looks great in here. Notice the different colours of her costume. I think there are around 7 different costumes for her in the series. Charmaine and Raymond makes a great couple too despite the 4 years age gap.

The Drive of Life featuring Charmaine & Raymond
*major spoilers*

This is a very nice MV. To those who have not watch the series do not watch it as it contains major spoilers. You have been warned! Proceed only if you don't mind spoilers or already finished the series.

So which is your favourite one?

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kc said...

hello...nice MVs u got favs would be da first and the last one..hehe..i really like da first one..i like the way they put lethal in and make it as if it was charmaine's dream..and the background music is very nice!! hehe..charmaine looks very pretty during her wedding with zhan pong in the last MV.. =p