Thursday, December 27, 2007

Forensic Heroes 2 casts celebrates Frankie Lam's Birthday

The casts of Forensic Heroes 2 celebrated Frankie Lam's birthday. Here are some pictures of the event. Frankie's cake is Olympic They seem to be having a nice night. Frankie's birthday is on the 19th December(same as my bro). Happy Belated Birthday Frankie. He's 40 this year but he looks younger than his age. Many celebrities really surprise me with their age eg. Raymond Cho, Chiu Nga Zhi, Michael Miu, Michelle Yim, Annie Man....

They really age very well and also with style. Just like Michael Miu, very dashing and stylish for his age and not to mention still very good looking. Charmaine also does not look her age. To me she still looks like she's in her 20's. Here are more pictures of the event.

Charmaine's picture:

More pictures of Frankie & his cake:

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