Thursday, December 27, 2007

Charmaine's Latest Blog Entry: Do you like my hairstyle?

Charmaine: To shoot for the coming year's calender the hairstylist in charge helped to design this hairstyle specially for me. Is it nice?

The whole shooting process was very suffering. I feel that the hardest part is I have to curve my back non-stop to pose for the shoot. And it is really hard and tiring.

But after looking at the shooting result which came out great, whatever hardship was worth it.

More Pictures:

pictures credit to Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog. To see the original post please visit her blog. The link is on the sidebar of my blog.

Ivy's thoughts:
Honestly I don't really fancy Charmaine's hair and make up here. Luckily the China Doll hairstyle is only for the photoshoot and not her real hairstyle. Her make up is also too heavy at the eye area. But then I understand for a photo shoot heavy make up is necessary. If not you don't stand out in the crowd. The result of Charmaine in the calender came out pretty good(picture below). The hair and make up came out well in the real thing. Pity her as she has a pretty hard pose for the calender and could you imagine posing like that for hours? I could imagine a terrible backache for days! But then once again Charmaine shows her proffesionalismImage Hosted by

Calender (November):
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*added 28th Dec* More pictures:

pictures credit to Kevin Cheng's TVB blog

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