Sunday, December 30, 2007

TVB's Top 10 series of 2007

It is coming to the end of the year and the beginning of a new year. So it is time for us to look at the summary of what TVB has offered us for the whole year which kept us glued to the TV screen the whole day and would rather skip our meals than move a feet away from the TV set OR left us off the tv screen with dramas that you wouldn't even bother exists. Here I present you the top 10 TVB drama serials of 2007.

The Big Winner of 2007:

Taking the No. 1 spot is The Family Link. Starring Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung, Cecilia Yip, Michael Tse. Averaging with 32.4 points and peaking with 42 points.

No.2 Fathers and Sons. Starring Bobby Au Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Ha Yu, Tavia Yeung and Wong Hei. Averaging with 32.3 points and peaking with 39 points.

No.3 Heart of Greed. Starring Ha Yu, Sussana Kwan, Michelle Yim, Moses Chan, Lee Si Kei, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Yoyo Mung, Fala Chen, Lai Lok Yi. Averaging with 32 points and peaking with 46 points.

No.4 Ten Brothers. Starring Frankie Lam, Kenix Kwok, Lai Lok Yi. Averaging with 31.3 points.

No.5 On The First Beat. Starring Ron Ng, Samuel Chan, Michael Tao, Sonija Kwok, Joey Yung, Kenny Kwan, Kate Tsui. Averaging 31.2 points.

No.6 Green Grass Of Home. Starring Sunny Chan, Christine Ng, Evergreen Mak, Natalie Tong, Lai Lok Yi, Suki Chui, Yuen Wah. Averaging with 30.8 points.

No.7 Steps. Starring Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Fala Chen, Matthew Ko, Kate Tsui, Wayne Lai. Averaging 30.4 points.

No.8 The Drive Of Life. Starring Damien Lau, Michael Miu, Liu Ging Sang, Sheren Tang, Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Jessica Hsuen, Gigi Wong, Joe Ma, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Feng Shao Feng, Toby Leung, Ng Wai Kwok. Average of 30.3 points.

No.9 War And Destiny. Starring Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Sunny Chan, Mandy Cho, Shek Sau, Lau Dan, Charmaine Li. Averaging with 29.7 points.

No.10 Men Don't Cry. Starring Dayo Wong, Cecilia Yip, Lam Ka Wah, Vivienne Yeo, Benz Hui, Charmaine Li. Average of 29.4 points.

Lowest Rated Drama of 2007 :

Life Art. Starring Gigi Lai, Kevin Cheng, Paul Chun, Evergreen Mak, Astrid Chan, Ben Wong, Natalie Tong. Average of 26.6 points.

Ivy's thoughts: I was surprised at first as The Family Link took the No.1 spot of 2007. I was expecting Heart of Greed to take the place but instead it came in 3rd. I think the whole plot of the "housewifes" really suits the Hong Kong audience as housewifes and children are mainly the people who watches drama serials in Hong Kong. The whole "family" theme suits them best and this is exactly what the series is about! The ups and downs of family matters. That is why if you are aware the no.2 and no.3 spot also went to series which run around "family affairs". Fathers and Sons (the title tells all) and Heart of Greed (greed over wealth between a family).

Ten Brothers was the series which I skipped in 2007 so theres not much I could talk about it. I was put-offed by the plot of the series about 10 magical brothers. I think the main selling point of the series is the collaberation between husband and wife: Kenix and Frankie. After family what comes next? Society. That is what HK audience look at next based on the position of the following series: On The First Beat, Green Grass of Home and Steps. These series' main plot is more towards the society than to family matters. OTFB(police force and security), GGOH(health & environment) and Steps(health & exercise).

The third point HK audience look at is Meaningful and Worth-Watching-Series. Taking 8th place after Steps is The Drive Of Life followed by War and Destiny and Men Don't Cry. The Drive of Life is one of the most worth watching series of 2007 and also meaningful. How often are you able to watch a 60 episode colaboration drama series with such a huge cast from HK and China? Besides that the series is meaningful to HK residence as it talks about the 1997 handover. War and Destiny is another meaningful series to Chinese as it revolves around the China-Japan War. I am yet to watch Men Don't Cry so nothing to say.

Life Art as the lowest rated series of 2007? Don't let the poster fool you! It may be the lowest rated series but the highest rated poster of 2007! The poster looks really great but too bad the series really is...I gave up halfway watching it. It isn't Gigi or Kevin's acting but just something about the series make you off your TV set straight away. It is such a waste of cast as Gigi and Kevin is among my favourites too. So what do you think of the ratings of 2007 dramas? Which is your favourite drama of the year?

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