Friday, December 21, 2007

Raymond Lam: 爱在记忆中找你 Album

Hehe as I have mentioned I bought Raymond Lam's album during my trip to Hong Kong. Just explored the album and I think it is time to brag about it..hahaha. Best thing is first I got the cover I wanted!!(the picture above) The one thing weird is that the cover is made of cardboard but no matters as long as there's Ray's picture on it! On the backcover is as usual the list of tracks in the CD but the layout is more unique for Ray's album(below).

There's 10 tracks in total and all of the songs are great. Every track is very nice. If I were to pick a faavourite track I'll pick...hmmm..ALL!!haha. In the cover there is a booklet. The booklet is full of Ray's pictures featured from all 3 covers. Below are some of the pictures in the booklet.

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Besides the booklet there is also a poster together with the music lyrics and also a bonus DVD containing two MV's from the song track 1 and track 3 of Ray's album(pictures below). No regrets buying the album and loving it more and more =) Gonna go listen to his songs now..lolz. By the way the 1st and 2nd track is on track 1 and 2 of my playlist. Please do not ask for download and get his album to show support!

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