Monday, December 10, 2007

XL Crazy Super Show Live in Genting

* picture courtesy of Genting website

Last Saturday I was at Genting to watch the XL Crazy Super Show. Its actually the famous Super Trio Game Show hosted by Eric Tsang, Chin Ka Lok and Jerry Lam but the difference is its a live show and held in Malaysia. For the Saturday's event Jerry Lam was not present instead Louis Yuen replaced him. Among the artiste present are Ron Ng, Sherming Yiu, Annie Man, Angela Tong, Michael Tong, Michael Tse, Amber Chia etc.

During the two and a half hour event Eric Tsang and the two co-hosts together with the artistes played games and performed on stage. Among the games played, I enjoyed watching the Disguising game the most. The best disguise wins while the artiste who loses will be punished. The punishment was inflating a large baloon under a t-shirt worn by the loser until it Angela Tong disguised as Liza Wang singing the song "yit ga fe"(Hot Coffee) while wearing sexy clothes. Michael Tong disguised as Jacky Cheung and it was a great disguise! He even went to the extend to fix a fake nose to look more like Jacky. Michael Tse disguised as Aaron Kwok and showed off his splendid dance move. Another really great disguise was the actress who disguised as Anita Mui(I don't know her name :P anyone know pls let me know her name) Her disguise was splendid! In the end the winners were Michael Tong and the actress who disguised as Anita Mui.

Besides playing games like snatching the ping-pong ball, roll-on-carpet game and guess the number game which were usually played on the Hong Kong Super Trio Show, some other artiste also did some performance. Ron Ng sang two songs "Don't Blame Her" and the subtheme from "Men In Pain". Sherming Yiu sang a song while performing some magic tricks while Louis Yuen and Annie Man both sang a song.

All the audiences were given goodie bags which contain goodies from the sponsors. In conclusion it was an enjoyable and memorable night. Here are some clips I took from the event. Too bad I coudn't take the Aaron Kwok and Anita Mui performance....urrgh memory card full! Anyway enjoy!

Ron Ng's Don't Blame Her

Ron Ng playing Roll-on-Carpet

Angela Tong's Hot Coffee

Michael Tong vs Jacky Cheung

*updated 11 Dec : The actress disguising as Anita Mui is Alvina Kong Yan Yin.

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