Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ada Choi to Get Married on January 12th, 2007

Ada Choi's wedding will have heightened security to avoid the forced entry of uninvited guests.

Ada Choi Siu Fun distributed wedding invitations to her friends and family, as well as TVB artists and other staff members yesterday.

Ada and fiance, Zhang Jin's, wedding ceremony will be held at a church in the New Territories. Only guests with invitations will be allowed to enter.

The wedding invitations are light green in color and feature a cross on the cover. Ada and Zhang Jin's names appear next to the cross. A small diamond is also featured, symbolizing the couple's eternal love. Many people who have received the invitation praised the elegant and beautiful design.

Earlier there were rumors that circulated claiming Ada's wedding will be held at a luxury hotel in Chungking. But the rumors proved to be false.

Also, Ada's good friend, Monica Chan Fat Yung complained bitterly about her love life in a recent blog entry. In a December 31st entry, Monica wrote, "Even if a man says he loves you with all his life, he may sneak into another woman's bed easily. This will make you suffer more than death itself. Men can be such liars. They will lie to hide their cheating habits."

Monica lamented that some men treated their girlfriends like fools. She was uncertain whether this was even a form of love. Apparently, Monica has suffered in her past love relationships.

News translation credit to Jaynestars

Ivy: Congratulations Ada! Her wedding's in a week time! Hope Charmaine, Gigi and other artiste are invited and could attend her wedding! Would love to see them together especially in such a happy ocassion. Wishing Ada and Zhang Jin a happy and long lasting love! It is very hard to find your other half in the entertainment industry. So glad Ada found hers. Wonder when will be Charmaine's turn?

Added Clip of Charmaine & other artiste at Guangzhou promotion. (More to Sussana Kwan and Michael Tse)

Sussana mentioned that she recorded a mandarin version of "speechless" the Heart of Greed themesong. If anyone has it please let me know =) And her live singing is very good. She's one of my favourite "senior" singer other than Liza Wang.

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