Friday, January 4, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #2

Here are more clips of Charmaine and other TVB artistes that are worth watching. Some are old and some are new. From now on I'll post new clips that are worth to watch from time to time with post title "Clips Worth Watching". I'll also add all the clips post at the sidebar for easy viewing of previous entry. This post features clips from promotion events. Other artistes featured includes Myolie Wu and Bobby Au. Enjoy!

Charmaine & Myolie: Shanghai promo 1 *must watch*

This is a news clip of Charmaine & Myolie at Shanghai promoting TVB. Clip is from end of 2006. What to look out for? Charmaine's *snort* haha.

Charmaine & Myolie: Shanghai promo 2

Continuation of the 1st clip.

Car suspended *must watch*

This clip is from Witness to a Prosecution II promotion event. The clip features Charmaine's interview about her driving liscence being suspended(first time) and her rumors with Benny Chan. She just came back from Mainland after receiving her letter of offense. Haha..I guess she's worried that she'll be detained.

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