Friday, January 4, 2008

"Sweetest Smile"

Before I forget, theres another voting thing going on where Charmaine is competiting againts Maggie Cheung her idol! How ironic! haha. Its to vote for artiste with the "Sweetest Smile" and is hosted by On.CC so show Charmaine some support and prove the power of fans again. Also huge thank you to all who helped in voting Charmaine reach top 10 in the Bank of China Vote.

To vote for Charmaine please click here and follow the procedure as shown in the picture below. Note that you can vote only once a day and voting ends on 25th January 2008.

Image Hosted by

picture and voting procedures credit to Sehseh's Blog

On a side note, Astro Wah Lai Toi voting is closing in 15 days time. So keep on voting for Charmaine. I'll let you guys and gals know her voting position once there's news about it.

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