Friday, January 11, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #4

Here is clips worth watching #4. This edition of clips are shorter clips from past events for happy viewing. Others featured in the clips are Steven Ma, Joe Ma, Toby Leung, Linda Chung and lots and lots of reporters!

Charmaine in court!

No this is not a typical drama series but this is for real! Charmaine Sheh on trial in court!

Charmaine in recording studio

Look at Charmaine recording the Perish in the Name of Love themesong! me you'll have to watch this at least twice. 1st listen to Charmaine and Steven's voice. Then 2nd time listen to what Steven has to say.

Charmaine's Blessings

This clip is from Maiden's Vow filming time. Charmaine's supposed to present a gift to someone for the Lunar New Year. Listen to her new year blessings to Joe. A very smart one I would say. Haha.

Also as Charmaine will be coming to Singapore next week to promote for TVB, fans who would want to know what to expect for a TVB promotion event, here is a clip from one of TVB's Promotions held in Malaysia in 2004/2005. Artiste present are of coz Charmaine! And also Melissa Ng, Moses Chan and Joe Ma.

Ivy: As I had mentioned I'm going off to Cameron Highlands later of the day and will be back on Sunday. So I thought I'd better update something in my blog in-case there is no internet available at the hotel. More news: Raymond Lam's fans pay attention. Raymond will only be coming to Malaysia on the 26th of January for his album promo and also to attend Astro Awards. Album promo will be at Sunway Pyramid Concourse from 2pm-5pm. Astro Awards will be at Sunway Pyramid Hotel in the evening. He will then fly back to Hong Kong the next day. Also Charmaine is in number 2 for Favorite Actress Category in Astro Awards behind Sheren Tang. So please continue voting for her. Till then enjoy the clips and I'll be back here if there's internet connection in the hotel.

clips credit to their owners in and Raymond Lam's schedule thanks to Jessie and Astro's website.

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