Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Charmaine at HKIA 3rd February 2008

Here are some pictures from Maggie of Charmaine on 3rd February. Maggie said Charmaine was hyper on the day..lolz.

At the airport they showed Charmaine the issue of TVBeauty where Charmaine was featured at the cover and eventually they gave her the magazine. Charmaine also had some free time so she went shopping at the airport and asked them to take care of her handbag and her coat...lol.

Charmaine really trusts them and are really familiar with them. If I'm staying in Hong Kong I think I'll be one of the members of the gang..lol. Charmaine will only be back to Hong Kong on the 11th and will attend an event on the 12th in Hong Kong. Not really looking forward to this year's TVB CNY celebration programmes because Charmaine will not be there...Eric Tsang too! Not going to see him as host.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip Charmaine! Happy Chinese New Year!

More Pictures:

pictures credits to ah-sheh.com

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