Monday, February 4, 2008


Here are some pictures of Charmaine from her recent blog post and also from the TVB Annual Dinner which was held at EMAX Kowloon Bay on 31st January. The pictures from the TVB Annual dinner are by 蛋e from

TVB Annual Dinner

Ivy: The pictures are really nice! Charmaine looks so pretty in the pictures. And Joe looks "Yeng" too! So jealous of 蛋e for having the Nikon D40 and D80 and also could so regularly see Ah Sheh. Haha when I'm working and could earn for my living I'll invest some money for a good camera ;-) ( I'm quite a gadgets person...loves buying new gadgets and Enjoy more pictures below! And also a video also taken by 蛋e of Charmaine at the red carpets. If you are wondering, they were not allowed to shout Charmaine's name aloud so they were calling her name softly hoping she notice them. Wonder what was Charmaine talking to Joe about..lolz. I know they are very good friends since Country Spirit.

Added Clip (February 7th)

Charmaine duet with Kevin and interview. She made a slight mistake while singing. But Kevin was really comforting can see him grab Charmaine's hand really tight while singing...lolz.

Red Carpet:

Car Park:

pictures credit to

Charmaine's TVB Blog

Charmaine updated her blog on her Singapore trip with 5 other artiste...Bobby, Kevin, Myolie, Bosco and Wong He. Among them I think Charmaine's closest to Kevin and Bobby. Love the 2 pictures with Bobby and Kevin from her blog post. They look really close together! By the way her blog post just mentions them going Singapore for promotion and wishing a Happy Lunar New Year. Hope she updates on Malaysia event next!

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pictures from Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog

Ivy: Charmaine has gone to Canada and America for stage shows and holiday. She'll only be back on the 11th of February. Happy Holidays Charmaine! Have lots of rest because once filming starts again then she'll be very busy again. Also Happy Lunar New Year! Hope there'll be news on her stage shows so I could update and share with you guys here!

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