Saturday, February 2, 2008

Message to Malaysia Fans!

Just got this from Patricia and I'll post it here to share with all. The clip is a message Charmaine left to Malaysian fans at the airport on 29th January 2008. Enjoy!

Clip credit to Patricia


Charmaine : Haha! Visiting Malaysia again. Now I'm going off and I really feel heavy-hearted going to leave you guys(fans). This trip to Malaysia is the trip where I stayed for the longest duration so far. Actually I extended my trip for another day and last night I finally tasted Bak-Kut Teh(Pork Rib Tea- sort of hot pot with Chinese Herbs and pork meat). Hopefully, hopefully this year will have more functions in Malaysia so can meet with you guys la! If the next time I have time, eh..I already informed Tina, I will arange a Fan Club Gathering!

Fans : Wooo!!!

Charmaine : Hopefully that time you guys will join la!

Fans : We will for sure!!!

Ivy: So what are you guys waiting for?? Join Charmaine Sheh's International Fanclub now!! Besides getting to see Charmaine, the other fanclub members are really nice too! Come and join the fun!

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