Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Charmaine at YVR: Vancouver

Here are more pictures posted at took at YVR Vancouver. Pictures are from KaKa. And I noticed Charmaine has a scar on her left arm! And its quite obvious and a big scar! When she was in Malaysia, I did not saw the scar so I'm guessing she got it when she was in Hong Kong. Take care Charmaine!

More pictures:

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Ivy: Also HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all of you and Thank You for supporting my blog since it started. Also enjoy the holidays and take this opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends! For singles, Happy Angpao collecting ;) To those going back to hometown have a safe trip! GONG XI FA CAI!!

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ada said...

Happy new year!
Thanks for posting all the updated news, pictures and clips of our lovely idol Charmaine!