Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Trio Show: Vancouver

updated 9th February!!


Pictures of Charmaine at the Super Trio Show : Vancouver

pictures credits to 林元凯 from bbs

Ivy : Really clear shots from the event!! 美女 looks pretty as usual!!...Haha. In one picture I thought Charmaine was kissed by a guy!!Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAfter further observations....its Angela TongImage Hosted by The carpet game seems fun too...lolz. Enjoy the pictures!!

Here's a video on Charmaine at the Super Trio Show: Vancouver lastnight. They are playing the "ping pong" ball game and Charmaine is so funny! She keeps screaming when trying to suck the ping pong ball...haha...but then that guy really is scary. By the way, Charmaine hid her scar with a silver cloth-like bracelet. There's another show tonight before Charmaine go for her holidays until the 11th.

clip credit to uknowmenow

New Clips from 7th February show!!

Charmaine sang her 2 signature song at the Super Trio show in Vancouver ( Fan Fan Zhong Soi Yiu Nei and Fa Fa Yu Zhao)!! Her live singing really improved and I had experienced it for myself...lolz. But her Fan Fan Zhong Soi Yiu Nei in the Super show got a little problem with the timing at the beginning..lolz. But she caught up with the music later on. Also the dress looks familiar....looks like the one she wore for NEXT Magazine photoshoot in 2005/2006?

The first time singing Fa Fa Yu Zhao. Her singing here is really good but they did not provide dancers so it did not made the mood high enough!

Encore of Fa Fa Yu Zhao! This time the mood is Charmaine distributing red packets while singing and she was so nice to pose for a fan to take photograph while singing at the same

p.s Please see added clip of Charmaine and Kevin duet at TVB Annual Dinner here.

Ivy: Going back to mum's hometown later to collect angpaos' from aunties and uncles...muahahaha. Enjoy your angpao collecting too!

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