Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Charmaine Sheh : Come Out In Men's Perspective to Confess



12th February 2008

Charmaine Sheh attended an opening ceremony event of a market today and when asked about the recent "Edison Chen Sex Scandal", Charmaine frankly responded that she did not follow the news closely but knew that Ah Kiu(Gillian Chung) made a public appearance and responded to the matter, to this Charmaine said: "She is very brave, the matter will pass very soon." Should the others come out to confess? "Each person handles matters differently, I believe to come out to confess needs a lot of courage, but it is necessary for some people in this matter to confess." The man don't need to? " Ai.....the man needs to be responsible, while the girl needs to take care of herself."

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Ivy : I totally agree with Charmaine's statement, "Man needs to be responsible, while girl needs to take care of herself." I was shocked when Gillian Chung was involved in this(Bobo Chan too) as I never imagined her as someone who is capable of doing this unlike Cecilia Cheung which is more to the bad girl type. Charmaine also indirectly urged Edison to come out to take the responsiblity when she said "it is necessary for some people in this matter to confess." I pity those girls involved in this. Edison is really one bad bad guy. Why in the first place did they allowed Edison to take those pictures? They did not think of the consequences of their actions. Girls learn to protect yourselves! Listen to Ah Sheh Jie Jie's advice...haha. By the way, Charmaine looks really pretty in the pictures above! Guess she had lots of rest from her holiday in America!

More News from the event :

Source: Apple Daily

13th February 2008

Kitten Replaces Lover

Charmaine Sheh and Wong Cho Lam appeared in an opening ceremony event of a supermarket yesterday, despite the cold weather, and everyone dresses thickly, Charmaine appeared in a sexy dress unafraid of the cold weather. Are all pretty ladies unafraid of the cold?

Tomorrow 14th February is Valentine's Day and attending this event Charmaine pocketed $40000 plus. When mentioned that Charmaine has a date, she denied this and said: "The company knows that I do not have a date so they had arranged me to shoot for an advertisment on Valentine's Day, hope someone there will give me flowers then, actually I wish to gain more money this year, I'll leave love to fate. I also wish to have a lover but actually I already have a new lover at home, my cat which is just 2 months old, very naughty, my arms are scarred from its scratch."

Charmaine just came back to Hong Kong after doing stage shows in America, she said "Very happy I had a "fei nian"(fat new year) , just came back from America doing stage shows, Mummy also joined in the fun and I made some new year wealth, also got Eric Tsang's red packet. The entire journey was a merry one, it is a very nice start to the new Rat year."

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Added News Clip 14th February!!

clip credits to 晓晓虹程

Ivy: There are other articles but they are all combinations of the two articles above. Just that some added news about Charmaine winning some money in the casino in Las Vegas ;-) Charmaine mentioned that this year is the year she received the most "lei shi" (red packets). The audiences from the Super Trio show gave her red packets too! And also Mama Sheh went to watch the Super Trio Show and went holidaying with her too! Glad they could spend time together. Also I did not know that Charmaine adopted a kitten! Bad bad kitten scratching Charmaine's hand! Take good care of your owner! Don't be so rough to her! Haha.

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