Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Charmaine's Latest Blog Entry

Charmaine updated her blog again. For those who do not know Chinese here is what she said :

Company staff told me that I am invited to go and support the gymnastic team at the Beijing Olympic Games. I am certainly glad to do that. The staff also told me that my fan's response is very warm so I could set a special area to wave hands.

Now I request everyone " Please wave hands to the National Gymnastic Team, Please smile to the National Gymnastic Team"

Ivy: This blog entry was hard to translate as the Chinese is hard to translate to English. At first I planned on not translating it but then I feel that I'll just try my best to translate it because many out there do not know Chinese and also you guys can leave her a comment on the post if you know what the entry is about. So Charmaine invited to see the gymnastics team eh...she sure is happy because she mentioned she wish to watch the olympic gymnastic event. Also her blog position is back to first! So please continue visiting her blog and leave a comment.

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